Takeover Bid

The first three photos were taken by me at Moa Flat when we pulled over to photograph the kōwhai tree in blossom.. it was looking very fine in the end-of-day sunshine. West Otago, New Zealand. 10 September (spring). And.. the last photo, by Nigel, was taken back in April (autumn), at Wilden, which is a ‘near-neighbour’ locality to Moa Flat.

Densely grown native shrub trying to take down a farm fence!

The ‘sloppy’ look of the far background hills are typical of many hill ranges in and around our area. I always think they look like raw pudding mix.. I think the type should be called ‘pudding hills’ 😀

Although I’ve shown this photo before I’ve cropped it differently this time.. native kōwhai with the usual profusion of golden yellow blossom.

Interesting photo taken by Nigel on 09 April.. we were driving down a gravel road in a nearby locality called Wilden. The pudding hills, and tank with a hole in, create an intriguing combination.

Text & photos by Liz, except photo-4 by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2022)
keyword: kowhai

2 thoughts on “Takeover Bid

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  1. Wow, that dense shrub looks like quite a barrier on its own and like it would win that bid!
    Your “pudding hills” gave me a chuckle, Liz, and you’ve captured such a wonderful range of textures, shadows and colors in your second image. Nice!

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