Spooky Spider Silhouette

This ant's-eye view of an ominous spider shadow on the golden petal fascinates me, like a view from Microcosmos. The spider looks menacing but so patient too, I'm guessing its a case of waiting, waiting, waiting... Photo Credit:  Chris Helzer From blog-post:  Photos, not Politics  |  November 9, 2016 Blog home:   The Prairie Ecologist  ... Continue Reading →

Brick red path leading to the Queen of Hearts Throne in Larnach Castle garden, Dunedin, New Zealand

I see … BLUE

A selection of different kinds of BLUE, different shades, different forms - I hope you enjoy the variety! Sometime in the future I intend to do a separate post on "Indigo". All photos are used with permission. My grateful thanks to the "permitters" for allowing me to share your imagery.   Blue Hydrangea from the... Continue Reading →

Today we walked through the Lister Garden and found this pleasing combination of snowdrops planted with black ophiopogon (black mondo grass). The Lister Garden is a small area that is part of the Dunedin Botanic Garden, New Zealand. I'll post more photos tomorrow! This photo by SO.

Aussie COW Cartoon


REBLOG: Just found this Awesome original COW cartoon from Sandy Flett, Brisbane, Australia. Click HERE to view the WHOLE cartoon.

Sandy Flett

Upon the dawning of a  bright and crisp winter’s Saturday morning this morning , my family and I had a pleasant venture out to the countryside , escaping the “big smoke ” of Brisbane , to imbibe the beauty of the Australian bush and most importantly , to watch our youngest play soccer and subsequently stuff ourselves with pastries at the local country bakery .

And for some reason , I have come back from this journey , not only 3 kgs heavier , but with a burning need to draw a cow .

So here is my portrayal of :

” A cow ”

No doubt some of you , my uber intelligent blog readers , will see similarities in my little sketch , to the works of the great 17th Century Dutch pastoral painter , Paulus Potter , who sadly and remarkably , died of the milk borne disease…

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