Series (Special Posts)

Ancient Music of the Stars
Ancient Music of the Stars © Harold Davis

Where and What is Beauty?

Invited guest posts on the subject Where and What is Beauty?

Introduction to the Series | 22 Sept, 2017

On Beauty and Art | Harold Davis — 23 Sept

Constructing an image from the materials of nature | Harold Davis — 14 Nov (reblog of Harold’s post of 10 Nov)

On Beauty – At Life in Between | Jodi McKinney — 29 Sept

The Beauty Beyond | Pete Hillman — 06 Oct

Where and What is Beauty? Challenges Involved | Ted Jennings — 12 Oct

Seeing Beauty | Tina Schell — 21 Oct

The Enemies of Beauty | Simone Foedrowitz — 26 Oct

Beauty Up-Close | Emma and Tom at Zoomology — 30 Oct

Giving Beauty Space and Time | Nigel Cowburn — 13 Nov

Beauty – An Open Heart | Karen, Bottlebrush Red Photography – 15 Nov

Finding Beauty Close to Home | Jean Mackay – 29 Nov

Lime Hawkmoth (Mimas tiliae). Taken by Pete Hillman

Colour Posts

Special posts on a specific theme, using other people’s images with permission. Roughly ten images per post with 1 or 2 images from each person. I provide links to their blog post and to their blog home so you can discover some neat blogs through looking at these posts!

I see… Pink | 03 Aug

I see… Blue | 15 Aug

Perfect Match | 19 Aug

I see… Black and Yellow | 24 Aug

I see… Indigo | 13 Sept

I see… Red | 16 Sept

I see… Green | 18 Sept


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