Solid As A Rock

We saw this amazing schist fence post with holes drilled for the wires, about ten years ago when driving through Macraes in East Otago - same general area where we found Butter and Egg Road. Otago is a fascinating region to drive around in - I could be on the road for months and not... Continue Reading →


Butter and Egg Road

This is a road with a very interesting name! We found it while driving through the rural area around Macraes in East Otago (this road branches off from Macraes Road). Macraes is known for a long history of gold extraction and I believe the modern Macraes Mine is New Zealand's largest gold mine. These two... Continue Reading →

Magical Moa

Moa Flat is a picturesque rural farming area in West Otago, between Gore and Central Otago. Sometimes we choose to take this relatively minor route because of its beauty. A local farming couple commissioned an artist to create a moa sculpture for a roadside portion of their property. Its a fantastic icon for Moa Flat.... Continue Reading →

Which Way: Driving Home

On Sunday Nigel and I drove to Fortrose on the south coast for a lunchtime feed of whitebait fritters. We had a more leisurely drive on the way back and stopped at a few places so I could record some of the waypoints 🙂 Taking these photos was inspired by the Which Way Photo Challenge... Continue Reading →

Middleton Road

Yesterday, Sunday, Nigel was back home after a few days in Dunedin and I suggested we drive to Fortrose on the south coast where we can relax in the cafe by the estuary and eat whitebait fritters.. yum! Its a really lovely drive through farmland. Suddenly I was amazed to see a sign for "Middleton... Continue Reading →

Greenhills near Bluff

Near Bluff there's a tiny settlement called Greenhills and we took a little detour there to drive the short distance to Colyers Island. The small island is in private ownership. You soon leave the Greenhills settlement behind and then find a rural beach area with harbour views and of course, Colyers Island. Photos taken by... Continue Reading →

Deer and Antlers

After walking away from the magnificent magnolia in Bannerman Park we soon came across a new interest - the resident deer were the closest we've ever seen. We were both excited to see them, especially as the stag has a fine set of antlers! The stag and his hind were out in front and bringing... Continue Reading →

BW07: Machrie Moor

Machrie Moor Stone Circles "is the collective name for six stone circles visible on Machrie Moor near the settlement of Machrie on the Isle of Arran, Scotland." - from Wikipedia The image below was created by Cybele Moon whose blog I've only recently found; she creates fantastic imagery. This is an infrared image to which Cybele... Continue Reading →

BW02: Lonely Tree

Black and White (02). I'm proud to feature two outstanding photos taken in New Zealand, not too far away from where I live, by Australia-based photographer Lignum Draco. He ventured into the remote Nevis Valley of Central Otago in search of a solitary tree by a small pond with a mountain backdrop that he'd heard... Continue Reading →

Fortrose: Part Five

We'd walked along the beach and found a gravel road running parallel. We decided to do the rest of our walk by road and found there were plenty of interesting things to see along the road. Liz and Nigel, Sunday 05 August 2018

Rural Ettrick In Winter

We saw this long pivot irrigator parked in a paddock just outside Ettrick on our way back from Central Otago to Gore on 02 June 2018 (winter in New Zealand). We'd decided to drive a little way up a side road on a whim and this was right near the fence. They're pretty impressive when... Continue Reading →

Maple Glen: Part Two

Part Two of a two-part series on our winter visit to Maple Glen Gardens on Monday 30 July 2018. Maple Glen Gardens are an extensive 45-acre private garden in the rural countryside near Wyndham, Southland, New Zealand. Maple Glen has been created from scratch, literally from farm paddocks, by the Davison family - Muriel, Bob... Continue Reading →

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