Brief Update: 11 Aug 2019. We moved to Tapanui (West Otago) in early April 2019.

Brief Update: 27 March 2018. We moved to Gore, Southland, New Zealand on 5 February 2018. Just didn’t get around to updating this page sooner!

The Original “About” : May 2017

My name is Liz and I live in Dunedin, New Zealand. For a long time I’ve been really interested in colour – as it occurs naturally and also in how people use colour. More recently I’ve developed an interest in how colour in the natural world influences human colour choices. I’m keen to use this blog to document and share the colour experiences I have. I hope you enjoy these pages.

New “About” : 10 November 2017

I started this blog, Exploring Colour, in late May 2017. There were no great ambitions! I wanted to learn the ropes so that I could help my husband Nigel start a blog for his business. I wrote a brief introductory post and then sallied out into the WordPress community to see what it is all about. I found amazing blogs and bloggers! I started ‘liking’ and leaving comments and was blown away when some of those bloggers came and followed my fledgling blog. Special thank you to those early followers!


Nigel and I are often to be found at the Dunedin Botanic Garden. We enjoy watching the changes in the plants and trees as the seasons progress.

This was taken by Nigel on 26 Aug, 2017. There was a great show of spring blossom from the various kinds of magnolias.

All my photos are taken with my cellphone camera.

Eventually we did manage to get a blog started for Nigel. He is a Landscape Architect and posts at his Growplan blog. I took this photo of him at Dunedin Botanic Garden, 27 Aug 2017







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