Southern Rata

A species of Metrosideros that makes a great show of red flowers, a bit like the more famous pohutukawa, is Metrosideros umbellata but M.umbellata's natural home is down here in the south where it's cool and moist (pohutukawa's natural home is further north where it's hotter and drier). On my recent bottlebrush post Steve Schwartzman... Continue Reading →

Azaleas and Daisy Path

Azaleas and daisy path at Maple Glen, Glenham, Southland, New Zealand. Taken by Liz, 17 Nov 2019.

Quiet Colour At Maple Glen

Selection of photos that are less flamboyant, quirky, paler colours, experimental or a little bit messy. I've brought them together in this post where they won't be outshone by the dazzling brilliance of the azaleas! Maple Glen Garden, Glenham, Southland, New Zealand. Visited Sunday afternoon, 17 Nov 2019. Note:  the only photo that features a... Continue Reading →

Orange-Red Azalea Studies

Sharing a few photos I took of bright and beautiful red-orange azaleas lining one particular grassy path at Maple Glen Garden, Glenham, Southland, New Zealand. They're quite messy plants to try and get a good photo. I found them challenging to photograph and even to edit. Taken by Liz, 17 November 2019. Click on ANY... Continue Reading →

Bursting With Colour

The garden at Maple Glen was bursting with colour when we visited on November 17, 2019. Many different colours of rhododendrons and azaleas were in full bloom and some released delightful fragrance into the garden. There were other beauties too such as irises, viburnum, wisteria and laburnum. Many colours were bold and striking. We were... Continue Reading →

Deutzia at Maple Glen

Don't know about you but I find it difficult to remember the names of the various deciduous flowering shrubs that aren't so eye-catching outside of their blooming season. This one caught my eye at Maple Glen Garden on 17 Nov 2019 with a lovely display of flowers and buds. It's called Deutzia. Maple Glen Garden,... Continue Reading →

Back To Maple Glen

Yesterday we spent our Sunday afternoon wandering Maple Glen Garden. I'd only envisaged a short trip but there was lots of new colourful rhododendron and azalea blossom in full bloom, some of them deliciously scented. The experience was like stepping into The Arabian Nights. Muriel Davison joined us for a while and you can see... Continue Reading →

Spring Garden

Spring garden in Wyndham, Southland, New Zealand. Colourful hawthorn. In the yard is a designer homewares shop A Little Bird Told Me. Liz, 11 Nov 2019.

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