Live and Let Live

Life found on the roadside verge, a short drive from our home in Gore. I noticed these pink achillea recently and Nigel took me back yesterday to get some photos. Some feature small-animal life as well. Taken with Nigel’s cellphone, both taking turns at being photographer. Southland, New Zealand

Pink achillea with a colourful little blue-green fly and another insect


Bumblebee and pink clover flowers however the plant is called “red clover”


Along the verge a bit further I was excited to find this colourful utility thing


Nigel was excited to find a cute spider visiting


Despite its long legs it could run fast


Landscape including gorse hedge, white convolvulus and white achillea


Take care and keep an eye out for others’ wellbeing too..


Text by Liz, photos by Nigel and Liz; Exploring Colour (2019)

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    1. Yes! I actually re-found your post not long ago and then noticed these local ones just down the road! They do turn up here-and-there and are always a very nice surprise!

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  1. The achillea and the clover both pop up through the lawn here, so I guess our soils may be similar. The bees love the clover! (We get white clover too.)

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    1. Our lawn has heaps of white clover (which is everywhere pretty much in NZ and part of many pasture mixes). The red clover is more random but also utilised (with care) by some farmers for pasture – it can have a negative effect on animals in too great a quantity although I don’t recall the detail.

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        1. Their legs are fascinating! Mike Powell via comments on my latest post Hiding in Plain Sight has alerted me that these are probably “harvestmen” rather than spiders. Info in a link he gave me.. “Like all arachnids, harvestmen have four pairs of walking legs, a pair of chelicerae, and a pair of small, leg-like appendages called pedipalps.” Isn’t that a great word.. pedipalps !!


        1. b-and-w fine, have learned to appreciate it! i enjoyed his work very much with a favourite being the devonport fountain, also the mt victoria mushrooms which we saw years ago. the clyde and roxburgh hydro dams are in central otago so i’m quite familiar with them and appreciated his skill at composition with difficult subjects. great find, thanks for sharing!

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