Beyond Comprehension

The following words touched me deeply, written yesterday morning by Wendy who lives in the rural North Island, New Zealand and shared via her blog last night. I invite you to read and reflect. The photo was taken yesterday when Nigel and I spent time together on a road verge, taking photos on his cellphone.


I Don’t Understand

“I wrote this poem this morning after an unsettled night haunted by the knowledge that a line has been crossed in our country and there is no going back.”
— Wendy Montrose (March 20, 2019)

I don’t understand
how a man can look at another
and see a lesser man
when he breathes the same air
loves, laughs and weeps
bleeds red.

I don’t understand
how a man can look at another
and see a life of no value
that is his for the taking,
that no loss would be felt.

I don’t understand
how a man can look at himself
and not see those who’s blood runs in his veins
the English, Maori or Chinese
the Christian, Sikh or Muslim.

I don’t understand.

— Copyright © Wendy Montrose

Wendy shared her poem I Don’t Understand via the post  Never speak his name!  To read the full content of her post click on the link.

Wendy blogs at  Dream on Farm

Posted by Liz, photo by Liz&Nigel. Poem written by Wendy Montrose.
Exploring Colour (2019)

15 thoughts on “Beyond Comprehension

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    1. So do I Ann. It’s underlined for me that we need to be vigilent and watch out for everyone else around us – not just the people that we’re naturally more familiar with.

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    1. Yes she is. Jacinda Ardern assumed leadership at very short notice prior to our last election, of a party that appeared to have no chance of winning and rallied the troops with “Let’s do this!”. And they did. She genuinely cares for people and surprise, surprise.. kindness actually works – certainly when it’s teamed up with her level of intelligent understanding and compassion.

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    1. Thank you Michael. In her original post Wendy began by paying tribute to Jacinda’s fine leadership and how if anything can give us hope for the future it’s the way she has led the country’s response. I’m hugely thankful for Jacinda.


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