Hiding in Plain Sight


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  1. The article you provided lists it’s other common name, the one used around here, “Daddy Long-Legs.” To be honest, I’ve never been too fond of spiders, but these Long-Legs somehow seem much less bothersome, perhaps because they tend to move rather slowly. This one has certainly found a nice colorful patch to pose on.

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    1. The “daddy-long-legs” we’ve seen inside in NZ are different to these outside ones. As far as I recall the inside ones are very fine and have wings. These outside ones didn’t appear to have wings and are very fast which surprised me as I don’t know how they co-ordinate long legs so efficiently! I’m newly intrigued with these “harvestmen” !!


    1. I cropped heavily to produce something we could all see easily. Nigel took the “spider” shots – fyi you may have noticed in the comments that Mike Powell gave me a link to info about “harvestmen” – it appears this is a “harvestman” and not a spider!

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  2. I love the bright orange color and its wonderful texture, which provides a unique background for your subject. I am not certain, but the really long legs make me wonder if your subject might be a harvestman rather than a spider. Harvestmen, also known as daddy-long-legs, are from the same class Arachnida as spiders and scorpions. Here’s a link to more info about harvestmen in New Zealand that you can check out and see what you think. http://soilbugs.massey.ac.nz/opiliones.php

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    1. Thanks Mike that’s super interesting and also LOL-funny (eg if the common European species is mistreated it’ll let go of 1 or 2 legs which then twitch a short while distracting the predator). I imagine you’re right and this is a harvestman as was the “spider” in the post before.. Live and Let Live. It also said that if you handle them live they leave a stinking odour on one’s fingers – yuk!


    1. Hi again.. from what Mike Powell told me in a comment after yours, this is probably a harvestman rather than a spider (but still an arachnid). Always learning new things. Mike provided an interesting link to info about “harvestmen”

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      1. This is really interesting information, thank you and thanks to Mike Powell for the link, I just watched on Youtube a short video about Harvestmen ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜€๐ŸŒท

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