Christmas Snow

Christmas in New Zealand is in summer so I’ve been really enjoying photos posted by those of you overseas who have had early, or even rare, snowfalls.

So I’ve put together a Christmas Snow post to celebrate and share your lovely snow photos that I’ve enjoyed so much. All photos used with permission.

My leading photo is taken by Pete Hillman from Staffordshire, UK. He’s been doing a “Narnia” series and I particularly love this one with its view deep into the snowy woods. Utterly compelling and simply magic!

Click on the photo, then click again, to get the full impact


Taken by Pete Hillman, Staffordshire (UK)

From:   Vision Of Narnia   |   Blog:    Pete Hillman’s Nature Photography

Another photo taken in Staffordshire UK…


Two swans resting on a snow encrusted bank by a frozen canal, Chasewater Country Park. Check out Helen’s post to see some scenes where she’s taken autumn and winter photos of the same scene just a month apart. Very interesting to see the transformation.

Taken by Helen Begg, Staffordshire (UK)

From:   Transition to Winter   |   Blog:   A Quiet Word

“Only once every so many years does Austin get a little snow.” …

Click on photo to enlarge.


Fruits of the yaupon tree (Ilex vomitoria).

Taken by Steve Schwartzman, Austin (Texas, USA)

From:   White   |   Blog:   Portraits of Wildflowers

Cozy Cabin Winter Wonderland. Watercolour by Jodi McKinney

Click on photo to enlarge.

Cozy Cabin Winter Wonderland Watercolor 11×14 140lb cold press

“When finished, I thought it would make a lovely Christmas or Holiday Card or even thank you note for holiday gifts, so I’ve added this painting and prints and cards to our McKinneyX2Designs Etsy shop.”

By Jodi McKinney from Mars (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvannia USA)

From:   Cozy Cabin Winter Wonderland   |   Blog:   The Creative Life In Between

“Even during and after our first snowstorm of the season with about 5 inches of wet snow, these tough little flowers hung on, looking as fresh as ever.”

Click on photo to enlarge.

Witch-hazel (Hamamelis virginiana), still blooming in spite of the snow.

Taken by Mary Anne Borge, New Jersey (USA)

From:   Bewitching Witch-hazel   |   Blog:   The Natural Web

“Sunday morning brought a beautiful sunrise and I ventured out before the snow would begin to melt and fall from the trees and while most of the world was still asleep. I walked the streets around my home, taking in the stillness and capturing the morning beauty. ”


Taken by Lisa aka DailyMusings, New Jersey (USA)

From:   First Snow   |   Blog:   A Day In The Life

“The weekend forecast called for a dusting of snow over the Atlanta area that ended up dropping nine inches in our neck of the woods.” … “Needless to say, I took advantage of the opportunity to get some snowy bird photos, a rarity here in ‘Hotlanta!'”

Click on photo to enlarge.

Eastern Bluebird – Male

Taken by Kathy Doremus, Atlanta (Georgia, USA)

From:   A Fortunate Mis-forecast   |   Blog:   Backyard Bird Nerd

Robin (UK)


Taken by Nicky Rowberry, The Shire (UK)

From:    From Green to White   |   Blog:    Too Lazy To Weed

“The papery Physalis lanterns are bright spots of colour in the frosty garden.”

Click on photo to enlarge.


“Known in English as Chinese Lanterns, Physalis alkekengi is inconspicuous in flower but eye catching as soon as the fruit form in their protective outer cases.  Although they look similar to the related Cape Gooseberries, the fruit inside the ‘lanterns’ are not edible so it’s no loss to leave them to brighten a wintery garden.”

Taken by Judith

From:   Frosted Lanterns   |   Blog:   Beyond the Window Box

Posted by Exploring Colour (2017). All images used with permission.

40 thoughts on “Christmas Snow

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    1. Thank you so much Simone! We are both absolutely fine but moving to another town in a weeks time and therefore flat out busy. Can’t wait to blog again but it’ll be a while yet before I can. 2018 is starting wonderfully here with really warm summery weather. The public gardens are simply stunning! I sure hope that you have a wonderful 2018 too Simone 🙂

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      1. I am glad to hear from you! In Germany the weather is windy but mostly grey! I love grey but by the time it going on my nerves! 😥
        So take the time you need because such a move is always very exhausting! I am looking forward to reading from you! Simone

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Ellen, its so lovely to hear from you! We’re moving to another town in a weeks time and sadly I have no time to blog. Once we’re settled in I’m hoping to start up again and I’m so encouraged by your message. Love to you and Benjamin xx


  1. We have winter for about four months of the year, but right now, we’re having a winter thaw. These temperatures in December make winter seem shorter. The pictures you chose for this post show that even though the cold can get a little extreme sometimes, winter has a beauty that shouldn’t be missed!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A wonderful collection of snowy images here, Liz! Hard to choose a favourite, they are so good! Thank you for featuring mine, too 🙂 The snow has melted away here now, although the temperatures are still below freezing, so these images still keep me in the festive spirit as Christmas gets ever closer!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Chilly collection there! 🙂 I was chatting with a Kiwi friend the other day and I asked why it was that northern hemisphere traditions were still used here in NZ. Many of them have no real religious significance and I just thought that perhaps there must be southern variations I don’t know about. Barbecue anyone? Putting up a tree with lights that rarely get turned on due to longer days seems a bit pointless (bah humbug!) 🙂He wasn’t really sure anyway.

    I do like the standard Christmas image of a robin sat on a shovel with a snowy backdrop…I can maybe recall one white Christmas in 38 years of living in the UK…maybe Finland is a bit different! 😄 Quite romanticised I suppose.

    We do have a Christmas dinner in June with some British friends out here in NZ…seems a good excuse while it’s colder.

    Have a great Christmas!

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    1. We’ll just have a nice relaxed Christmas and hopefully go out and do some exploring, maybe do some walking tracks here and there. I’m sure it will be great! And I hope you have a wonderful time over the holiday period Graham. Its nice to have ‘met’ you!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Benjamin is ecstatic : “That’s my Jodi’s picture of Santa’s house!” Very happy to see Jodi’s photo with her comments. We both adored the “birds sitting in the snow.” I love the Chinese Lanterns, my Gram grew them and used them in dried arrangements many years ago. Beautiful photos, each and every one. Thank-you x 2.

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