Five Eyes: Mark Berkery (non-spiders!)

My last Five Eyes post featured five fascinating spider images taken by Mark Berkery from Queensland, Australia. While searching his blog I’d picked up a number of non-spider images too, and I have Mark’s permission to also share these.

In addition, the very last (6th) image in this post is a “bonus” image. I found it during my search and couldn’t bear to not share it – it’s really magic!

For more great macro images of small Australian wildlife I recommend you visit Mark’s blog – the photos I’ve presented are just a tiny selection from his amazing collection and he regularly posts new images as well.

Mark Berkery’s blog home is Nature’s Place.

Click on ANY image below to enlarge. Under each image is a link to the original blog-post in which the image appeared.


Blog:  Macro Nature Photography


Blog:  Green Lady Lacewing



The “Dragon Salad” post that this image comes from is well worth a visit so that you can see the other images of this Dragon. Just click on this link…

Blog:  Dragon Salad

Young Leaf-cutter Bees in the afternoon, it’s how they sleep – gripping the grass stem.

Blog:  Macro Illustrated


Blog:  Macro Nature Illustrated

Fly at night, carry that raindrop …

Blog:   Macro Illustrated

Posted by Exploring Colour (2017). All images taken by Mark Berkery.

17 thoughts on “Five Eyes: Mark Berkery (non-spiders!)

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  1. Wow, this photography is stunning! Thank you so much for posting about this-it makes me happy to see such educational photography. I am especially fond of the photo of the leaf cutter bees. Do you know if they live in New York?

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  2. Do you mind if I do a Five eyes theme as well on my blog? I will use my own photos. But thought its fun to continue your theme. Maybe we can start a movement

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  3. Having never been face to face with any of these insects, I am mesmerized by them! What seems insignificant at a glance becomes monumental when seen through Mark’s lens. Inspires one to pay attention to the little things. Thank-you! P.S. Benjamin loves these “bugs”!

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