Colour from Dunedin

Dunedin, New Zealand. A city we love to visit but we won’t be doing that for a few weeks due to Covid-19 lockdown. The weather was lovely and sunny today and this evening Ali Clarke from Dunedin tweeted this beautiful evening photo. I have permission to share it with you here.

Credit: Ali Clarke  @clarke_ali


I looked for another Dunedin photo to share – here’s a lovely rose we saw in Dunedin Botanic Garden taken by Nigel on 27 Feb 2020, ‘Jubilee Celebration’.


Text by Liz, top photo- Ali Clarke, last photo- Nigel. Exploring Colour (2020)

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  1. This is a stunning photograph by Ali Clarke! How very kind of you to share it. Nigel’s beautiful photo shows the fading glory of this magnificent rose. My neighbor has a David Austen English Rose “Jubilee Celebration” bush in her yard and it is gorgeous when in bloom. I am the grateful recipient of bouquets that she cuts from the bush every year. We are all missing the people and places that we love. Let us comfort ourselves with the thought that they will be even more precious to us when we can return to a more normal lifestyle. Happy Easter to Nigel and yourself! Thank-you!

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    1. I know .. I like the quiet roads around here but on the other hand it’s nice to be able to go somewhere! Night before last we jumped in the car for the first time and it was really weird ’cause we hadn’t got in it for a couple of weeks! We were just taking it for a run around the town and back to ensure it stays in good running order.

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      1. Yes, there are some parts of this experience to like. I’m sitting on the back porch and it’s pretty quiet right now (5 in the afternoon here).
        We did that last Saturday with Ted’s car, went further than we needed to just because it hadn’t been out.

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      2. We bought a new/used car just before all this started, so it felt odd to get in it the other day to collect our shopping. Eventually we’ll get the chance to get familiar with it!

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