Cinnamon and Silver

Marlborough Rock Daisy, endemic to New Zealand. Pachystegia insignis RHS and another species LHS. Liz, Christmas Day 2019, Dunedin Botanic Garden.

Marlborough Rock Daisy

Very showy native New Zealand daisy from eastern Marlborough (top of the South Island) where it naturally grows in rugged coastal rocky terrain. It has beautiful shiny green leathery leaves that have a light-coloured tormentum underneath like felt. The flower buds are quite a feature and open into daisy flowers. "At present, 3 species are... Continue Reading →

You Light Up My Life

Blue poppy (Meconopsis sp.) we grew in our Catlins garden (2014-09-Dec) and a pretty pink poppy in Dunedin Botanic Gardens (2017-05-Dec). New Zealand. Photos by Nigel, edited by Liz.

Grevillea Ground-Cover

Grevillea sp. Beautiful ground-cover in the Australian area at Dunedin Botanic Garden, New Zealand. Distinctive 'toothbrush' flowers. Liz, 25 Dec 2019.

Southern Rata

A species of Metrosideros that makes a great show of red flowers, a bit like the more famous pohutukawa, is Metrosideros umbellata but M.umbellata's natural home is down here in the south where it's cool and moist (pohutukawa's natural home is further north where it's hotter and drier). On my recent bottlebrush post Steve Schwartzman... Continue Reading →

Bottlebrush Flowers

These are Australian flowers (Callistemon species) but so familiar to New Zealanders too, and perhaps to most the rest of the world - it's not unusual to see them in photos on other people's blogs, normally the standard red-flowered species. I've been familiar with bottlebrush flowers since I was a kid growing up in Northland... Continue Reading →

Fierce Lancewood

Fierce lancewood trees with new growth at the top. Pseudopanax ferox at Dunedin Botanic Garden, endemic to New Zealand. Photos taken by Nigel 24 December 2019. Cropped from the above photo (notice the saw-tooth edges) My other recent post about lancewoods Link: for more detailed photos Text by Liz, photos by Nigel. Exploring Colour (2020)


Rosa glauca 'Carmenetta'. Preston, Canada 1923. Species cross. Photographed at Dunedin Botanic Garden, New Zealand. 24 December 2019. Blue tinge of the foliage is easily seen when viewed against surrounding green foliage. Text by Liz, first 2 photos by Nigel and last by Liz; Exploring Colour (2020)


In New Zealand we have some very interesting trees called lancewoods. There's the relatively normal lancewood Pseudopanax crassifolius and the fierce or savage lancewood Pseudopanax ferox (!) Both of them have a different juvenile form to their adult form. The leaves of the juvenile fierce lancewood look pretty fierce being more strongly toothed. We do... Continue Reading →

Aussie Monster

We came across this monstrous red flower in the Australian Garden, Dunedin Botanic Garden, New Zealand on Christmas Day 2019. We don't seem to have the name for it even though there's a sign. Either forgot to record it or couldn't read it. Anyone know what it is? [UPDATE 05 Feb: This morning I found... Continue Reading →

Mozart, Dunedin NZ

We stayed in Dunedin at Christmas for a couple of nights and enjoyed time in the Botanic Gardens. I found this beautiful rose the day we arrived. It was breath-taking. Dunedin, New Zealand. 'Mozart', Hybrid Musk. Lambert, Germany 1936. Click on either photo to enlarge. For those of you who may wonder, I didn't bump... Continue Reading →

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