Looking on the Bright Side

While lockdown in New Zealand is immensely restrictive, the number of new Covid-19 cases today was only 29. Since lockdown the number of new cases each day has been: 78, 85, 83, 63, 76, 58, 61, 89, 71, 82, 89, 67, 54, 50, and today only 29. I feel relieved. We’re getting the lower numbers despite the authorities doing MORE testing.

The combined overall number of cases is 1,239 (tally includes some people who’ve now recovered)
There are 14 people in hospital, with four in ICU.
Sadly there’s been one death to date – but just the one.

Today was mostly a grey day and a bit cheerless so I’ve chosen to post some lovely bright images I’ve had on my laptop for a while – from Nigel 🙂

This first image you can enlarge if you want – click on photo to enlarge

Nigel took this in Gore Gardens, Southland when we were there on 24 Feb 2020. We don’t know what the tree is – let me know in the comments if you know!

Another photo for me because I liked the tree, unusual foliage.

In Queens Park, Invercargill I found this unusual rose, for a split-second I thought it was a hibiscus. I showed Nigel and he got these photos.

Rose named ‘Eye of the Tiger’, two photos taken 24 Feb 2020

More recently – evening walk along a highway near home that we wouldn’t normally walk because there’d be lots of big trucks but now hardly any traffic. Nigel found these toadstools. They were looking pretty in just-before-sunset light.

A graph made public today, showing the projected trajectory of Covid-19 in NZ if we’d done nothing versus the trajectory we’re on now after lockdown.

By scientists from Te Pūnaha Matatini (University of Auckland and Collaborative Partners). Click on the graph to enlarge. For those who like to get into the nitty-gritty the whole scientfic report appears to be available as a pdf HERE


New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern …  “Instead of the horrific scenes we have seen abroad, we are at 1,239 cases, and the total number of cases has fallen for the last four days with 29 new cases today, the lowest daily number of cases since March 23, before the lockdown began. We are turning a corner, and your commitment means our plan is working.” —  New modelling reveals the impact of lockdown, and the hopes for elimination / Toby Manhire [link to article]

This morning I found a CNN Tonight broadcast via Twitter about New Zealand’s response to Covid-19, interesting overview:

CNN’s Ivan Watson investigates New Zealand’s strategies to curb the pandemic.

I hope you stay safe and well over Easter. It’s already Thurs night here – Good Friday isn’t far away for me.  STAY HOME,  STAY SAFE.

Text by Liz, photos by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2020)

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  1. The roses are spectacular – a ray of brightness to cheer us. 🙂 NZ seems to be way ahead of anywhere else in the battle against Covid-19. People in our little town seem to be being sensible, but there are a few people taking stupid risks elsewhere. Stay well and I hope that it’s not long before you beat the coronavirus entirely!

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  2. Hi Liz, I hope you’re doing well. I agree, we’re very well served with the officials (David Clark aside) and scientists in NZ. They give us confidence that they know what they’re doing and we’re in good hands. I’m disappointed with those who say they support the government’s moves and don’t follow up with their actions, (OK for everyone else but not me). Simon Bridges comes to mind.
    I love the rose but it would be a tricky one to find a place for in the garden. The tree is interesting. Do you know if it’s deciduous?

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  3. As always, these are beautiful photos and are just what is needed during my days spent safely inside my bubble! Our flowers are just beginning to bloom, though there are some flowering trees across the road that are spectacular even from my front window viewing point. I spend a lot of my day reading the various news from around the world on my computer. In my reading, I am so impressed with how New Zealand has managed this pandemic. How I wish that we in the USA had a Jacinda Ardern leading our response. I absolutely loved her Sunday message to the children of New Zealand where she reassured them that the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy are “Essential Workers”, but also advised them that the bunny may not be able to visit everywhere…beautiful and brilliant!! Thank-you!

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    1. I’m glad you’re staying safe Ellen and at least it’s spring for you and that in itself is very cheering, especially as you have a garden. Jacinda is awesome! Dr Ashley Bloomfield, our Director-General of Health has also put in an impressive performance updating us every day on the latest stats, always very calm and measured and therefore reassuring – more than making up for our Minister of Health who’s been an idiot and probably wrecked his political career. Strange how some people rise to the challenge and others self-destruct. Take care Ellen and I hope you have a good Easter.

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  4. So glad New Zealanders are following the protocols. The effects are indeed impressive. There are still those in Canada that don’t seem to believe in the gravity of the situation, but we’re faring much better than our neighbours to the south. By the way, I love that tree and the rose. They brightened my day!

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    1. Thank you Tanja. I hope we can get on top of this and that it will encourage others to make the tough decisions necessary to protect their populations. We must stay very vigilant. Take care (lots of handwashing) and stay safe over Easter. Much love, Liz xx

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      1. Thank you, Liz. My hands are cracking from all the washing, and I have very little to no contact to people other than my husband, or when I go shopping, which I have limited to every 2 to 3 weeks.
        I hope the hardest-hit regions and countries will be able to get on top of things!
        Take good care,
        Tanja ❤

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      1. The Aussie PM is not exactly a prize. And a happy Easter to you too. I understand that Jacinda has assured the children of New Zealand that the Easter bunny is considered essential and will be allowed to perform his important tasks.

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    1. Yes, the central garden beds had lots of orange and yellow marigolds. Very bright and in-your-face … wonderful! Thank you, I’m feeling very cheered that our measures against the virus are working! Wishing you and Ted a lovely Easter. Stay well.

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  5. Lovely images, Liz and Nigel. That rose is gorgeous.

    Your country’s leadership is remarkable and the people too for doing what is necessary to defeat the virus. WIsh I could say the same for here. Our peak is yet to come and as long as people continue to disobey recommendations it will continue to spread.

    Those toadstools appear to be Amanitas. They are NOT edible so don’t even consider it.

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    1. It’s nice that you like the rose too Steve. Jacinda is exceptional, she’s taught us to be accepting of difference “they are us” and had already widely spread the “be kind” message. It meant NZers were already well-prepared to take on this challenge and it was relatively easy to get most of us (85% – 90%) to “unite against Covid-19”. In the country town where I live people seem to respect staying in their bubbles and maintaining physical distance. Another aspect Nigel mentioned is that NZ has been battling a cow disease called mycoplasma bovis since July 2017, again striving for eradication rather than control – that experience perhaps helped to shape our approach to the virus – I don’t know as I haven’t read anything on the subject. We won’t try partaking of the toadstools 🙂 Stay well and I hope you have a good Easter.

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        1. You’ve been sharing a lot of wonderful colour to brighten our days, much treasured by me (knowing that our autumn colours will soon fade into cheerless winter grey). I’m glad you’re making the effort to stay home and stay safe. While some people get mild ‘cold’ symptoms I’ve read enough stories to know they are the relatively lucky ones – best to take every precaution possible to not get this bug at all. Stay vigilant to protect yourself, including lots of hand washing. Good Friday here now and I hope you have a lovely Easter!


          1. Thanks, Liz. I have read with interest the articles you’ve cited about how the really restrictive measures there in New Zealand have been really effective. Our rules are not as strict, but I have been limiting my trips away from home and when I do go out, I consciously avoid people by choosing carefully my times and places. We have services via Zoom teleconferencing tonight (Maundy Thursday); tomorrow (Good Friday); Saturday (an Easter vigil); and two services on Easter, a sunrise service and a regular service. Stay safe and healthy and best wishes for a blessed Easter, Liz and Nigel.

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            1. It makes me glad to know you’re being very careful, I do think of you! and I’m glad you have all those church services available online. Just thought of a video I re-tweeted the other day and I think I’ll give you the link to the YouTube page. This lady in NZ with bright hair also brightens our screens and she’s been a big help in communicating the gravity of the situation to us. I can’t overstate how careful you need to be … but there’s nobody like Siouxsie Wiles to get the message across, I smile whenever I see her! It’s people like her who are behind any success we have here in NZ. At: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boHtPpO8TnE&feature=youtu.be


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