Wonders of Water

This post celebrates WATER through photos I’ve selected from various WP blogs, reminding me what a precious resource water is. We need to keep ahead of what’s happening in our local environment and be alert to any threats to the purity of our natural water systems. All photos used with permission

With most photos I provide a link to the original post (where there is generally additional photos and information)

A tiny silk bridge…

This first photo owes its leading position to its unique content, to me anyway. I’ve never seen this before.

Click on the photo to enlarge (then click again for maximum size)


A tiny silk bridge…
From one dewey glass bead to the other.
Someone was busy whilst you slept.

Keir Watson
Sussex, UK

From:   A Spider’s-Eye Dew

— the original post has additional photos of the dewy grass

Keir blogs at  Herbidacious  – An Englishman’s Garden Adventures

Featured Blog

Lignum Draco has almost 11,000 followers at Etcetera Etcetera Etcetera. He visits exciting, colourful places and posts awesome photos! Based in Australia.

Both of the next two photos are from:  Japan: The photographic bento box
Click on either photo to enlarge

“Mt Fuji”


“Shiraito Falls”


Visit the  original post  to see more photos

Pepix has a wonderful appreciation of nature that shines through in her photography from her local area in Sauerland, Germany and from other places she’s visited that are further afield.

“Pepix” aka Petra Köster blogs at  PEPIX

Click on either photo to enlarge

On May 05, 2019 she posted cute daisies after 10 cm of fresh snow fell in Winterberg. There are many more plant and general landscape photos taken after the snowfall at the original blog-post:  Maischnee


On May 03, 2019 Pepix posted about a river walk in the Alme river area near Brilon. I chose one out of the ten images at:  Almequellen


I’ve often included photos in my Special Posts from  Mike Powell  (Virginia, USA). His special passion is finding and photographing dragonflies – a new dragonfly season is beginning for him now. Whether Mike’s at home or travelling, whether there’s dragonflies or not, he’ll find an interesting subject. He also writes a few paragraphs to go with each photo-post, varying his approach each time – always a good read.

The next photo is from the post  Visible sound  in which Mike presents two photos of a toad. In the photo below a male toad rests from his loud croaking. Visit the original post to see another photo where the toad has an inflated vocal sac and you can see concentric ripples spreading out on the water – generated by the toad’s croaking. Amazing!

Click on the photo to enlarge


At her blog  LEYA  posts a wide range of images from where she lives in Sweden and from her many travels. Her gorgeous lagotto dogs often feature and are referenced in the url lagottocattleya (I’ve recently learned that “cattleya” refers to Cattleya orchids). Leya is also one of four moderators who organise the Lens-Artists weekly photo challenge.

Perfect for my “Water” theme, this was a single image post..
Click on the photo to enlarge a little bit more


I’ve only just started following the  derrickjknight  blog and I’m enjoying his posts. Derrick lives in the New Forest, Hampshire (UK) where I enjoyed an autumn visit a long time ago and loved the carpets of fallen leaves and cute ponies. A recent post included this photo of a New Forest pony, from:  A Drum Roll

the original post has a gallery of thirsty pony images

Click on the photo to enlarge

Pony, pool refelecting gorse

Another blog that’s new to me is  Suburban Tracks  and the following photo is taken by Ulli while at the Alps, Eastern-Tyrole, Austria. The original post has one additional photo at:  Mountain Waters

Click on the photo to enlarge


I’ve quite often shared Ellen Jenning’s photos on my blog and generally she posts wildlife photos from South Carolina (USA) but with some exceptions – like this photo of red tulips near a fountain.

Ellen blogs at  Passing By Photo  and the original post has three images of the tulips, all taken with different settings producing different effects, at:  Red Tulips and Water

Click on the photo to enlarge


Steve Schwartzman from  Portraits of Wildflowers  has also been generous in allowing me to include his images when asked. This is an oldie from 2014, way before I joined WP. Steve is from Austin, Texas (USA) and has plenty of wildflower photos but so much more as well (e.g. he’s done several trips to my country, New Zealand, and taken fabulous photos here).

With this particular image he was photographing a local waterfall after recent rain and experimenting with longer-than-usual exposures. This is a single-image post but well worth a visit for the informative and amusing description posted with the photo, at:  Electricity from water, no turbine needed

I chose this image because it stood out as being way different to any other waterfall image I recall seeing before.. I found it electrifying  🙂

Click on the photo to enlarge


I want to leave you with the best and brightest COLOURS… if you love colour or color, either way, it’s a no-brainer to follow  Anita’s Images  because Anita lives in Malta (since 2000) and posts lots of vibrant, colourful images. I should clarify that Anita’s home country is Sweden and also that her beloved Basenji dog Fanny regularly stars in Anita’s photos!

I’ve chosen to include both photos featured in her wonderfully bright and beautiful  Water Color  blog-post, they belong together…



I asked Anita for information about the boat and if you’d like to know more (like I did) you can check out the link she gave me to the Wikipedia article about Luzzu

Next, I found an interesting article  Luzzu Truths  published by Think Magazine (University of Malta)

… and that wraps up “Wonders of Water”, a post I really enjoyed putting together – I hope you enjoyed viewing!

Curated by Liz, all photos used with permission; Exploring Colour (2019)

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  1. Thanks, Liz, for your kind words about my photography and for introducing me to some amazing photographers, some of whom are new to me. I always welcome new sources of inspiration and soon will be following some more of them.

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