A Lady Who Loved

I only knew Natalie Scarberry for a short time – I found her blog by accident through an internet search. She adored colour even more than me, if that’s possible! Her bright colourful posts would combine imagery and quotes, always encouraging and uplifting. I knew her long enough that I reblogged some of her posts on my blog and she was delighted.. now I’m glad I have those to remember her by. She had a cherished garden at her home in Texas – a beautiful flower photo on her blog-posts was likely to have been taken by Natalie in her own garden. I knew she was getting on in years but she was bright as a button and I got a few glimpses of the feisty spirit within. She had plenty of loyal followers on WP and was a warm-hearted, loving lady. I’m thankful to have known her, she had great faith and courage, and I believe she’s very much at home now where Love reigns.


Natalie passed away on Monday April 08, 2019. I remember the day very well as we were busily engaged in moving house. I only found out a few days ago.

“Cheer up little buckaroo” – Natalie’s message to me on a day when I was feeling a bit down!  I’ve cheered up dear Natalie.. I promise I’ll keep searching for all the best and brightest colours and share them with anyone who wants to enjoy them.

I’ve shared three posts of Natalie’s on my blog:

An Important Question…

What Do You Fill Your Mind With?

Life Lessons

I found out about Natalie’s passing when another WP blogger visited and left a like on one of the above posts. When I returned her visit, I found her  beautiful heartfelt tribute  to Natalie. She’d known Natalie for longer and more personally than me but what she said confirmed everything that I thought was wonderful about Natalie Scarberry (and more).

Text by Liz, photo by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2019)

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    1. Sadly it was nearly a month before I knew what had happened but her love for colour, her strength and encouragement, her love for others.. those things will always be with me. Thank you


    1. I’m so happy that you found beauty in this tribute, it seems fitting because the Natalie I knew for such a short time was a beautiful person in every way (and yet so strong too!)


  1. I didn’t know Natalie, but you have made me wish I had known her too. One of the people I follow vanished for two weeks and I was really worried about her. It was such a relief when she came back.

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  2. Natalie sounds like a lovely person and a good friend – that comes through strongly in your tribute. I’m sure it would make her smile.

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  3. Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Yes, you may not have met, but that doesn’t mean you didn’t impact each other’s lives.
    I wonder how many of our virtual friends pass away without any of their online friends ever knowing.

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