What if slugs are just snails going through a divorce.. “yep she got the house”. On a signboard outside Governor’s Cafe in Dunedin, New Zealand on March 05, 2019. I’ve been waiting for a slug to go with the signboard – this morning I found a very fine slug posted by a WP blogger from Northamptonshire UK…

For:   Which Way Challenge — May 09, 2019

Large Black Slug (Arion ater)

Slug photos from:  Cuckoo Calling   |   May 06, 2019

Blog home:   Nature Table Explorer


Cafe signboard, Dunedin NZ



What a beauty!

Posted by Liz; Exploring Colour (2019). Slug images used with permission

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    1. When we lived in Queenstown and Invercargill we didn’t come across many slugs and snails. After seeing a slug on our bedroom window the other day I suspect there’ll be more than enough in Tapanui!


  1. EW!!! Mostly I am happy to co-exist with the beasties in my garden (with the exception of vine weevils because they eat the roots of my plants). I ignore slugs and snails as best I can but I don’t like the looks of them – too squidgy! We had lots of these in Scotland. Here we have lots of frogs, so maybe they’re eating the slugs and snails.

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    1. When it was wet the other day I looked out our bedroom window and there was a long pale slug slithering across the glass and I could see the whole underneath view of it. It was interesting but.. I also felt somewhat imposed on – I have my limits!

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      1. Hehe! I know what you mean! I just leave the wildlife to fight it out amongst themselves when it comes to things like that! We had a thrush in our previous garden and there was always a few broken up snail shells on a particular big flat stone. He/she was very welcome!

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