Sweet Spring

Pink spring blossom found in my home town of Gore recently. The first photo is one of three painted rocks placed in an out-of-the-way place near the Gore Gardens by a kindergarten. The pretty rocks had been donated by a local rest home. The words are in Maori and English “Stand tall with confidence”.

Gore, Southland, New Zealand. Taken by Liz 12 Sept 2018

#InThePink for Square in September hosted by BeckyB.


Real blossom in a street not far from our home. Taken by Liz 11 Sept 2018


As I photographed the blossom I was blissfully unaware I’d got into Nigel’s sights!


The splendid cherry blossom above is on one of our walking routes into town from home. Taken by Nigel 11 Sept 2018

If we take a different route we walk down this street with a whole avenue of cherry blossom. Here I’ve turned to get the shot as we leave the street. The water tower is part of a processing facility for the town. Taken by Liz 15 Sept 2018


Text by Liz, Photos by Liz and Nigel; Exploring Colour (2018)

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  1. Lovely cherry blossom – we have one here and every year I hope it doesn’t get windy, or it’ll be gone all too quickly. The rock is a sweet idea!

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    1. I remember decades ago seeing beautiful cherry blossom in the UK, both in pinks and whites. There I saw squirrels playing about as well, not something we get here! At that time I wasn’t aware that in NZ we also get lovely shows of cherry blossom – down here in the south of the South Island!


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