Screening When Its Sunny

Its autumn in New Zealand and we were treated to a rare show on Tuesday afternoon, rare because we haven’t seen much sun in Gore lately. Nigel and I decided to walk into town, our route taking us past a long cypress hedge that’s very trim and tidy (it had a serious hedge-trimming a few weeks ago). Deciduous street trees have been planted at intervals along the street, and their shadows played on the hedge creating a series of natural artworks.

All photos taken by Nigel on Tuesday afternoon, 15 May 2018







Text by Liz, Photos taken by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2018)

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    1. Thanks Candice, it sounds like hedges are not so common in Regina? Various forms of Cupressus (such as macrocarpa) are used for hedging in both town and country here. We also have lovely native trees that make wonderful hedges such as Olearia paniculata with the bonus of fragrant flowers. We also get a lot of wind, everywhere, being an island country so hedges have a very important role as shelter as well as ornamental value.


    1. Big hedge and very much alive! I was so impressed with the guy’s work that I got his contact details, always good to know someone who can do a neat job of big hedges! Thanks, we really enjoyed the shadow a lot 🙂

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