Rose With Pretty Petals

I loved this rose! Dunedin Botanic Garden, New Zealand. Taken by Nigel, 05 Mar 2021. Click on photo to enlarge.

8 thoughts on “Rose With Pretty Petals

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    1. So agree Ann, they strike me as looking like pelargonium petals! We didn’t get a pic of the label but I think it may have had the word ‘abstract’ in it LOL. Will try and find it next time we visit!

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      1. Hope you can find it and its name. Googling it wouldn’t help because that would give you lots of abstract images, hehe! It does have a very similar marking to pelargonium petals and that makes me wonder what it would be like to see them planted near each other.

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        1. I think it’d be a very nice effect Ann! I can imagine doing a mix of patches – pelargoniums similar to the rose petals contrasted with white-petalled pelargoniums with red/pink markings. But I’m confident anything based on your idea would be lovely!

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