Which Way from Gore?

This roadside verge is where Nigel and I were taking the achillea, utility-thing and “spider” (actually harvestman) photos I’ve posted recently. Thanks to Mike Powell who through the comments got me learning about harvestmen.

This verge is by Highway 94 aka Waimea Highway that heads west out of Gore. If you like to see a map “Waimea Hwy” is marked on this map

For:  Which Way Challenge – March 21, 2019

All three photos were taken by my husband Nigel who blogs at Growplan

Waimea Highway and view to the landmark Hokonui Hills. Gorse hedge with white convolvulus, and achillea flowering on the flat.


Power lines head off at a tangent toward the south-west


Another view to the Hokonui Hills, vertical format. Want to see what the view is like up there? A Dunedin blogger I follow posted about walking there, including good shots of flora and awesome landscape views: Hokonui Hills, Ho!


Text by Liz and photos by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2019)

11 thoughts on “Which Way from Gore?

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    1. Good to be reminded of that Michael. It’s really draining, all the issues that constantly crop up, especially with the environment. Meetings, protests, submissions, court cases, on and on. Ordinary NZers and under-funded orgs versus developers flush with money, sometimes even versus the Govt of the day. Wins here and there over the years have stopped some of the worst excesses but it’s only the hard work and persistance of certain groups and academics that’ve achieved that – may we ever have such people!


      1. What you are describing is life on earth. Regarding the things you are describing, it’s no different from anywhere else. It’s probably worse in most places. If you’ve got to be on earth, nowhere is perfect but New Zealand is the best imperfect place to be, in my opinion.

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          1. A lifetime of living has proven to me that perfection is impossible. That doesn’t, however, mean that one couldn’t and shouldn’t try. Leo Burnett, the father of modern advertising, said something like “Reach for the stars. If you don’t get one, at least you won’t end up with a handful of mud.”

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    1. It does look very moody in that photo.. a big build-up of cloud that came to nothing in the end I think. Sometimes it works the other way and before you know it, it’s raining!

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