BW07: Machrie Moor

Machrie Moor Stone Circles “is the collective name for six stone circles visible on Machrie Moor near the settlement of Machrie on the Isle of Arran, Scotland.” – from Wikipedia

The image below was created by Cybele Moon whose blog I’ve only recently found; she creates fantastic imagery. This is an infrared image to which Cybele has “added a few stars and a slight topaz glow”.

In the photo comments Cybele explained, “it’s just a little Nikon Koolpix converted to infrared. It’s my second camera that I always carry with me. It takes very ethereal and spooky shots which I love!! …”

From:               Monochrome Madness 2-4   |   31 March, 2015

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Mysterious Machrie Moor

This is the seventh and last post in my week of black-and-white so I wanted to wrap up with something different. When I found this photo I knew it was the one.

In response to a question from me Cybele told me more about her visit:

“It was summer when we visited Machrie Moor on the beautiful island of Arran, the mornings can be a bit misty and it’s a long trudge through the moors to the actual site. We were lucky that we got there before anyone else so it was mysteriously quiet except for a few birds singing. It was a moving experience. I have done a few shots on Machrie moor such as this one as well, trying to capture the different moods, ancientness and spirituality the place exudes.” – Cybele Moon via email, 17 Aug 2018

** Click on the photo to enlarge **

Mysterious Machrie Moor on the island of Arran

Cybele gave me a link to another beautiful image of these stones, in colour, that she has on flickr. If you then click on “Back to album” you can view more of her Scottish images. I’ll also provide a direct link: Cybele’s Scottish images on flickr.

On Cybele’s blog there’s another Machrie Moor post, see Ancient Hearts.

Undiscovered Scotland has an excellent page on Machrie Moor Stone Circles.

Text by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)                                       Image by Cybele Moon

16 thoughts on “BW07: Machrie Moor

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    1. Ha! Yes, it was good fishing that day! 🙂 I found I really enjoyed Cybele’s imagery, not the sort of thing I usually go for, so her work was a lovely surprise to me. It’s always wonderful to be surprised in such a nice way! 🙂

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    1. My pleasure Cybele! I would love to visit Machrie Moor and also the Orkneys. Maybe one day 🙂 I feel a kind of connection because there’s old stone buildings in Central Otago of New Zealand that were built by people who came from places like the Shetland Islands and the Orkneys.


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