BW06: Honesty

Recently I came across a black and white photo of one of my favourite weed plants when exploring a blog that’s new to me. The seed pods of Honesty. Occasionally I find them somewhere, always a delightful and surprising encounter! Honesty is also sometimes called money plant, silver dollar, dollar plant and moonwort. Its Latin name is Lunaria annua.

These two photos are taken by Robert Parker, selected from a whole group of Honesty seed pod photos that he posted on 14 January, 2018. Links as follows:

From:     Pictures of Upstate New York. January. Honesty, a bit tattered

Blog Home:   Upstate & Away —-

Tattered Honesty

** Click on photo to enlarge **
— For largest size follow the link above to the original post —


Photos taken by Robert Parker


There are many more photos of Honesty seed pods at the original blog-post (link above)

Posted by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)       Photos by Robert Parker

30 thoughts on “BW06: Honesty

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  1. I love honesty. My great aunt always used to have some seed pods in a vase when I was young. We have some growing under our hedge and I have gathered the seeds this year to see if I can spread it around the garden a little

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  2. Lovely photos of a much loved plant. I’ve sown some seeds, but only one has germinated, so I’m feeling a bit precious about it!

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    1. They are beautiful Jodi. You could sow seeds and create a patch. Your grandkids would love them! (They’re biennual so by the time they get to seed pod stage the grandies will be old enough to enjoy them!)

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