Hedgehope Church

The night I took the moon photos, we were returning home from Hedgehope where we’d gone to enjoy the beautiful rural views in the lead-up to dusk. The only photos I took though, were of Hedgehope Church which is looking wonderful. I’ve learnt since that it’s had a lot of work done on it in recent years. It was a Presbyterian Church but was decommissioned in 2002 and the current owner has had it since mid-Dec 2018. It stands alone on its 2023m2 section in the midst of a scenic expanse of farmland. A little further along Glencoe Highway is the tiny community of Hedgehope with a school, fire station, community centre and a handful of houses and sheds. Southland, New Zealand.

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Most of you by now will recognise the New Zealand cabbage tree or tī kōuka. Cordyline australis.

The owner has a great Hedgehope Church facebook page sharing about the work being done on the church and various pieces about the history of the property and community. I asked her for permission to share this photo and description that I found on the church fb page.

A photo of the Minister and his wife, Mr and Mrs Hill, departing from the first Hedgehope Manse on Factory Road (not on land of the existing Church).

The Minister visited his Parish folk within his area as Home Mission Station of Hedgehope, Mable Bush, Grove Bush and Springhills from 1921-26. A new Manse was built in 1955 beside the Church and some years later was transported away, which allowed the area of land to be a car park.
These combined communities, which would have taken the Minister half the day to get to each place, would only be a matter of 10 minutes away from each other by car today.

Photo/Description courtesy of Leone Beatson.
~copied from the church fb page
~thank you Leone!

More Info

The church is a memorial church, it was dedicated to the men of the district who died in WW1.

You can see how the church used to look from these real estate sale pictures.

Text and photos by Liz, except for content from the church fb page.

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