Daffodils in a field, Tuapeka

This lovely group of daffodils was blooming in a field at Tuapeka Mouth yesterday. We passed them as we drove down Ferry Road to look at the historic Tuapeka Mouth Ferry (The Punt). Guess there was a cottage here some time in the past.

I’ve posted our similar photos just as a handy reference for me of the variations.

Tuapeka Mouth, Clutha District, South Otago, New Zealand

The first two photos were taken by Nigel using his Olympus Digital Camera. With the first photo he was using a ‘tracking focus’ and the image is quite different to the other. The only editing I’ve done is to crop some pasture from the bottom. Original file sizes were around 8MB jpegs.



My photos were taken from a different angle with basic cellphone, original files were jpegs of around 2MB. With the first photo I used the cellphone’s light adjustment where you drag a little lightbulb icon around the screen.



Text by Liz, photos by Nigel and Liz; Exploring Colour (2019)

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      1. Erm, no! I’m just about to go to bed – really late! (But the weather will be very wet and miserable tomorrow, so there’s no rush to get up again! I think today was the last day of summer.)

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