Summer Flowers

Here’s some photos that we’ve taken of the flowers currently blooming in the garden of the property that we rent in Gore, Southland, New Zealand.

Nigel took this photo a few hours ago from the bedroom above the garage. He’s recently pruned the camellia balls back into spheres after their spring-flowering and subsequent growth. Its now the turn of the golden lilies to make a stunning show.


A couple of days ago Nigel took a photo of this rather weedy but pretty garden plant (it self-seeds everywhere) against the bay tree foliage. These are on the opposite side of the driveway from the golden lilies and camellias.


Around the back of the house we have a Philadelphus shrub in flower. Its very beautiful and most generous in sharing its intoxicating fragrance all around the back garden. Two photos, both taken by Nigel 16 Dec 2018.



This lovely pink carpet rose is grown as a standard and its branches are bent over with the weight of the flowers. In the back garden; taken by Liz


These mixed orange and yellow flowers have been making a show to the immediate right of the pink roses, have got a bit battered by strong south-east winds…


Text by Liz, photos by Nigel and Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)



6 thoughts on “Summer Flowers

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    1. Hi Ellen! Thanks.. summer’s great. I nearly asked after you with Ted just now, then refrained. Relieved now to see your Likes come through and I’m looking forward to your new posts when they go online! 🙂

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  1. Lots of pretty flowers but it feels strange to me to see them while we’re in winter over here. (Actually, that’s a really nice thought – ‘It’s always summer somewhere…’. We have the same Philadelphus in the garden here, though still only small. 🙂

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