Tea at Tapanui

Sunday 13 May. Dying to get out of foggy, grey, cloudy Gore;Β  decision at 2.20pm to drive to Tapanui hoping to find (a) Top Nosh still open and (b) warm, bright sunshine.

Arrive Tapanui: Top Nosh still open [we were only in the nick of time] AND warm, bright sunshine

So we sat down in the diner and waited for TEA, tea for me anyway! It arrived in a very pretty teapot, the type where the teapot sits neatly inside the top of the cup. Cute. And a milk jug with no handle.


No handle? … so pedestrian!


Camera? Oh no … (deep breath)




Oops – years of experience in pouring tea but there’s a PUDDLE on the table


Moving on …


C’est la vie!

Photos taken by Nigel. Text by Liz. Exploring Colour (2018)


18 thoughts on “Tea at Tapanui

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  1. A wonderful page. It has all the right elements. Critical data, intreging images, all about absolutely nothing but…a cup of tea. Of course keep in mind I am from the land of savages where tea is kept in the refrigerator.

    This is a favorite web page πŸ‘πŸ‘

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    1. Oh? I keep my tea in the fridge! I had no idea he’d taken all these photos. When he showed me, I laughed at all the different facial expressions and thought I’d try making something out of them! Its lovely to read that you like it so much as it took courage to actually publish (Nigel thought I was ‘brave’ !!)


  2. The only thing that could improve this delightful post…finding myself sitting across the table with a teapot too! Benjamin says : “Miss Liz, you are so pretty in the pictures!” We had to open the link to Top Nosh and now both of us want those cupcakes they are tossing around! Thank-you x 2!!

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    1. We would be delighted to have you and Benjamin join us at the table for ‘tea’, wouldn’t that be FUN !! Benjamin is most kind and I thank him for his lovely compliment.


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