Agapanthus Magic

We’ve MOVED to Tapanui from Gore and now live just up the road from  Top Nosh. We’re in a small, cosy cottage that we own (as opposed to the larger more modern homes that we’ve rented). Tapanui is a small rural town that we’ve wanted to live in for a long time – we’re both excited to call Tapanui home!

This is why I haven’t been publishing posts lately or even visiting your blogs. It’ll be a slow process easing back into blogging and visiting your blogs again – there’s so many things to sort out. I miss reading your posts and I’ll have been missing out on so many neat things!

In the meantime, here’s a photo of an agapanthus taken yesterday when Nigel and I were walking to Top Nosh. I noticed the old flower head with waterdrops and thought how beautiful it looked. Not having my cellphone with me, I asked Nigel to take photos.

Photos taken by Nigel 11 April 2019 and I’ve done some heavy cropping. Remember we’re now in AUTUMN in New Zealand 🙂

Tight crop around the flower head


A more gentle crop. The agapanthus is outside the RSA building (Returned and Services Association) and near a flagstaff


Context photo (not cropped at all)


This afternoon we took some time off and went to Roxburgh.. we both took photos so I have material for another post – I’ll publish it when I get time to put it together!

Hope you’re doing well and I know many of you will be enjoying the joys of spring in your part of the world. Best wishes!

Text by Liz and photos by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2019)

29 thoughts on “Agapanthus Magic

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  1. Congrats on the move!

    Agapanthus is a strange plant, beautiful when flowering and providing greenery year-round. The bees love it too. I think it’s great when flowering too. And yet, in NZ, it is an invasive pest plant because if left uncontrolled it excludes other native plants from growing due to the dense mats it forms. Interesting conundrum eh?

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    1. It is Graham! I don’t think it’s invasive down in our region but we lived in Nelson many years ago and I have a hazy memory of it being a problem plant there.


      1. The plot thickens…😄…funny how these things are regarded in different parts of the same country eh? I tried digging some up once…not easy to do…

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  2. Congratulations! It’s great that you were able to buy a house somewhere that you’ve wanted to live for a long time. Moving is a tiring process, though, so I hope that you get the chance to have a rest and enjoy your new home. 🙂

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    1. Oh there you are Ann, bang on time! I’m catching up on responses to the post and noticed your abscence – I thought there’s still time.. Ann’s message might arrive while I’m here and then, just before I leave my desk, here’s your comment! Thank you!! 🙂

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      1. Lol, it’s late here and I’m just having a quick catch-up before going to bed. I’m really pleased to hear your good news – I’d noticed that you hadn’t been around for a while and was hoping that everything was OK.

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