Giving Beauty Space and Time. Guest Post by Nigel Cowburn

Any aesthetic experience which leads to a loss of sense of self, a stepping out of time and just being - this is beauty to me. We speak of being absorbed in an experience and it's as if our self - right down to the molecules - is blending with what we encounter. Blending into... Continue Reading →


Seeing Beauty. Guest Post by Tina Schell

"Beauty surrounds us." Jalaluddin Rumi Many years ago I tried my hand at oil painting. The teacher was much too kind to tell me I had no talent, but I was smart enough to figure it out pretty quickly. Not being one to give up easily, I then turned to photography as my avenue for... Continue Reading →

Yellow Submarine Street Art

This mural of a Yellow Submarine is in an alley near where SO's office is located in Stafford Street, Dunedin, New Zealand. The Beatles are featured on the opposite wall (below). Click on either photo to view a larger size image.   The text on the wall reads: We all want to help one another.... Continue Reading →

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