Five Eyes: Mark Berkery (Spiders)

Fortunately I’d already asked Mark Berkery if I could choose five of his photos for another Five Eyes post because this morning my laptop bombed and my photos that I had ready for daily posts are irretrievable. No more posts about Dot’s castle and her gardens (for now anyway).

I started searching Mark’s blog – he has plenty of photos that fit with what I’m looking for and I noticed some engaging spider photos. Eventually I decided to go with just spiders for this post. Mike Powell had already suggested Jumping Spiders as an idea, which was interesting because I’d had that idea in my head too!

So here’s five spider photos from Mark Berkery’s fabulous blog Nature’s Place. Mark Berkery is from Brisbane, Australia.

Click on any image to access Mark’s large-size version. Under each image is a link to the original blog-post in which the image appeared.


Blog:   Smiley …


Blog:   Painted Dancer


The eyes aren’t such a feature here but I couldn’t exclude such a beautiful spider!

Blog:   Silk Traveller


Blog:   Spider Time


Blog:   Macro Nature Illustrated

Posted by Exploring Colour (2017). All images taken by Mark Berkery.

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  1. You have never really known a spider until you look right into his many eyes! These photos are unbelievably amazing. Benjamin is enchanted by them. Thank-you for sharing this wondrous post!

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