Willow, Wicker and Weaving

Riverstone Kitchen has extensive beautiful and functional gardens surrounding the restaurant, retail buildings and carpark. Nigel gave me free rein on the photos he took so despite losing mine in yesterday’s laptop disaster I can still share some of the experience.

This post continues my previous post Dot’s Dream Castle so you can find more information and links there if you haven’t already read it.

Click on ANY of the images below for an enlarged version.


Riverstone Castle. The water is an irrigation lake, this is right in farming country.


Woven ball tucked into the branches of a tree.


A whole series of raised vegetable gardens by the carpark. The woven ball is in the tree on the left, and just left of centre is a woven willow hedge or screen.


Entrance arch in the living screen.


Here Nigel has beautifully captured the shadows cast by the woven screen.


Castle view that you can see from the carpark and lawn/vege-bed area.


Riverstone Castle, lake and fountain.

Text by Exploring Colour. Photos by Nigel Cowburn | Growplan

13 thoughts on “Willow, Wicker and Weaving

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  1. I’m just repeating here, but that woven, living screen is spectacular. To even have the idea of doing it and the planning is quite something. The whole place is quite something and I hope you’ll get to return. Wishing you well with your technology disaster–that is never fun.

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    1. I’m glad you’ve returned Ellen! I got Dot’s book out of the library yesterday and it confirmed what I thought – that a guy called Mike Lilian did the willow work. He’s a local artisan. Just did a quick search and found a lovely WP blog about him. I’m in a hurry right now and haven’t read much of it myself but it looks good – try this – https://oamarunz.wordpress.com/2012/12/18/traditional-craftsman-in-oamaru/

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  2. I can not even begin to imagine the time and effort to grow this woven willow hedge, stupendous! Everything about this place is enchanting from the woven balls to the raised gardens and the castle. Spectacular photos by Nigel! Thank-you!

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  3. This would be a nice place to visit. There are some interesting details to see there. You should check out my post “You Never Know What You’ll See”. The Berry Barn featured in that post has some interesting things to see too.

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