Spitting Image

When I was at Black Gully Reserve on 28 December, I found a spittle bug on a slender stem of a tree. I hadn’t seen one of these so convenient to photograph before and it was fairly well-lit. It turns out they’re pretty interesting creatures! Below the photo I’ll give you a ‘gift-link’ to a New York Times article/video that I found tonight. You don’t need to be a subscriber provided you use my link. Tapanui, West Otago, New Zealand.

Did you know that.. “Eventually the spittlebugs retreat into one large bubble and undergo a transformation to emerge as froghoppers.” ~I didn’t! ~the quote is from the NYT article I’ve linked to below

The video starts with an ad but I was glad I waited as I enjoyed the presentation. Then I read the written article (which has more detail but the video was a great introduction).

Gift Link : Inside the Spittlebug’s Bubble Home

Text and photo by Liz; Exploring Colour (2022/2023)

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    1. I wonder if they’re more common in a damp climate? Hey, thanks for the follow on Mastodon. As it happens you’re my 50th follower and I’ve been waiting with anticipation for the ‘No. 50’ so this is a Double Delight for me.. nice one, Ann!

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