Autumn Rosehip

The birds they sang
At the break of day
Start again
I heard them say
Don’t dwell on what has passed away
Or what is yet to be …

~Leonard Cohen’s ‘Anthem’, first verse

I felt like sharing this verse and a rose hip I photographed at Dunedin Botanic Garden on 19 May, New Zealand. For anyone who’s interested our community Covid cases now number 107. There are none in the South Island.

That is all. Feeling tired. So much going on in the world.

Text and photo by Liz; Exploring Colour (2021)
keyword: rosehip

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  1. Thank you for sharing the poem/song lyrics, Liz. I often wish I could simply live each day anew, without reflecting on what has happened or is yet to come. Life would be less of a burden. Alas, it’s not an attitude that comes easily to most of us human creatures.
    I’m tired also, and sad. These are taxing times.
    All the best,

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    1. Thanks Tanja! I was encouraged this morning when Bishop Jake Owensby, from Louisiana (I’ve previously shared some lessons of his on my blog) tweeted this:

      “Be willing to be a beginner every single morning.”
      —Meister Eckhart

      Current events sometimes make me feel weary and cynical but I love the idea of a fresh start to each day! Take care and stay safe, and rest and refresh 🙂

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  2. Take time to relax and unwind, Liz. The world can be so overwhelming at times the these current times take it to another level. Stay safe while NZ gets this under control which we all know you will.

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    1. I was taking things in my stride until someone on twitter talked about kindergarten kids in the US doing active shooter drill and how their kid last year was so upset he couldn’t sleep in his own bed for a week –and I hadn’t known they do the drills that young. In NZ we do stuff like safely crossing the road, water safety, and earthquake drill! I got a shock and it knocked me a bit. Ok now, much encouraged by support from my blog-friends. Grateful 🙂

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      1. Yeah, those kids pay a price for some folks freedumbs. In this country people have the right to own firearms but the hysteria they express at the thought of any control is craziness. I have installed window shadings in a few schools as something to draw and cover windows in case of an active shooter outside he school. It’s sad and unbelievable. The funny thing is many of the proponents of having all the weapons you want reason that it is to protect themselves from the government. Well, if the government sends trained heavily armed soldiers after you your weapon, as powerful as it may be, would be no match for the soldiers or swat team or whatever. It’s madness and you are very lucky to live somewhere that does not have such issues. Many of us here envy you.

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        1. You can imagine what a shock the Christchurch mosque horror was to us in NZ. That bloke was an Aussie but our police checks here were slack when he got his firearms license. We got too complacent. It’s so hard to get the balance right! I am grateful to live here and in the main we have good community, which is quite something given we’ve become way more multicultural. I’d like to think our team of 5 million can pull together and demonstrate how kindness, cooperation and community can bring success *and* be a great survival strategy. Here’s hoping! Take care Steve.


          1. I am sure you Kiwis will show us all how it’s done, Liz. I have always heard New Zealanders called Kiwis and assumed it was a complimentary term or a least inoffensive. Is that true? You take care as well.

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  3. Good advice from the birds, but hard to follow some days. Nice rose hip—I always think of the beach when I see them, memories of beach roses when I was a kid. Funny, I can’t picture the blossoms, just the hips.
    I hope you are feeling better 🌞.

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    1. The same song says “Ring the bells that still can ring”. I really feel that. There’s stuff we’ve lost and we’ll never regain but we’ve by no means lost everything! I’ve got more pretty rose hips so I’ll probably do some more soon. Feeling better today and my blog-friends’ support is wonderful. Thanks so much Ellen!

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      1. Absolutely, Liz, and I do believe we will find some new bells to ring as this situation evolves. Nature is certainly a calming force for me; thanks for sharing what you see out there!
        You are welcome!

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  4. I like that verse…something we all need to do if we can. I hope you can take it easy for a while, maybe find refuge from the world with a good book or two. I hope the cases go down soon – stay safe!

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    1. Thanks Ann. I got a shock. This US pastor, kind person I follow on social media, asked what’s a whole lot more traumatic than asking kids to wear masks in schools? And his answer was ‘active shooter drills’. He explained his kindergartner had to do one last year, “Escape The School”, and then was so upset he couldn’t sleep in his own bed for a week. I see a woman’s now replied that she’d done them from kindergarten thru high school. I’d no idea they did these things from kindergarten age. I felt stunned and weary with this screwed up world! It was just one thing too many, I’ll be right again tmw 🙂

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        1. Please visit any time, you’re very welcome here.. I’d pondered if you’re in Bp. Jake’s diocese and you are! I follow the news about State-LA with concern so I’m not surprised you’re tired. I see your Gov Edwards has just announced about the FDA approval for the Pfizer vaccine. I hope this’ll help some hesitant people be braver to take it. Some LA people seem to just “not get around to getting it” and then find themselves in hospital. I get that some folks are very “anti” but puzzled by people who are so complacent! You’re in my thoughts and prayers, take care xx. ~btw I found the Gov’s announcement at


          1. Yep, Bishop Jake is my guy! That’s how I first “met” you, responding to his blog. I liked what you said, but at the time had no idea where you live or that you shared so many photos of nature. Visiting down there is definitely on my to-do list!

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