On Track

Reporting on our Covid elimination effort, as well as sharing walking track photos from Black Gully Reserve, Tapanui, West Otago, New Zealand.

Today was our big chance, for people outside of Auckland/Coromandel, to perhaps have our alert level reduced with the big announcement by our PM Jacinda Ardern scheduled for 3pm.

I thought there might be a chance of us in the South Island going down a level until I read this morning that 3 positive Covid cases had surfaced in Wellington. I knew that’d scotch it! I don’t think we’d have gone down a level anyway tbh.

There are many possible ‘contacts’ of confirmed cases spread throughout NZ and some of them could yet prove to be infectious like the 3 in Wellington did. So we remain in Level 4 lockdown until Tuesday next week. L4 is strict I believe, compared to most overseas ‘lockdowns’. Local supermarkets, pharmacies, fuel stations and medical centres are open and that’s about it. Schools remain closed. We are told to stay home. We’re not allowed to engage in activities that could result in emergency call-outs like tramping, swimming, surfing, boating or hunting but we can take local exercise like walking, jogging or biking. This time around we’re required to wear a mask when visiting essential services.

Our case numbers have now grown to: 31
Almost 1200 possible Covid contacts identified.
This number excludes contacts from large settings (still being assessed).

On Track

On track when we’re sitting it out at home (not in the bush). This was 23 May.

The Covid/delta variant could still pop up anywhere.

The team of 5 million are not under the jackboot of a fascist government. The vast majority of NZers understand what’s at stake. We collectively choose short-term restrictions in favour of freedom – for all of us to breathe, live, survive. And to support our public health system and the specialists, doctors and nurses who look after us.

I think the chances are good we can once again pull it off! ~ELIMINATION

“In less time than it takes to introduce yourself, delta can already move in, host an unwanted party, and leave your place a mess.”

“Luckily, there is a great way to protect yourself from such obnoxious behaviour: get vaccinated.”

~from an excellent article about getting vaccinated by Joel Rindelaub /The Spinoff

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2021)

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  1. The level 4 restrictions are very strict, especially for the South Island to be lumped in with that but like you say, it is a short sacrifice to nip it in the bud early on so that you can get your freedoms back quickly. Poor Sydney seem to be in an ongoing lockdown. I was living in New Zealand when it all kicked off and got my visa extended then had to leave and return to the UK. I thought I was coming back at a good time but things got worse again and we went into a 3 month lockdown over winter and I couldn’t spend Christmas with my family after being away for 4 years. Cases are still sky high here which seems mad as we are almost back to normal in terms of what we can do, especially when you consider that NZ are in lockdown over a handful of cases. But for us we are beyond eliminating it so need to learn to live with it. Thankfully the vaccine is allowing us to do that and I feel very lucky to have had it. Fingers crossed you get the vaccine rolled out there successfully so you don’t have to keep going into lockdown over every single case. Thinking of you all out there and missing NZ very much!

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    1. Thanks! Most of us are horrified how Sydney let Covid/Delta get away on them so we’d much prefer to go ‘hard and fast’ and stamp it out. Then we can return to living normally like we were before the outbreak. Delta is a devil. So sad you didn’t get Christmas with your family, how awful. Sounds like you enjoyed NZ though, ~awesome! The vaccine program is already running again and they’re on a roll! Me and the OH are due to get our 2nd shots on 01 Sept. Stay safe and take care!

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  2. I’m sorry to hear that the number of Covid cases have increased but you’re going the right way to get rid of it. Wish that other counties (UK included) had been as strict more quickly! Take care – hope it disappears soon!

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    1. This Covid came in via a person on a “red flight” from NSW, Australia where Delta is now out of control. The ‘red’ means the person was quarantined thank goodness. But somehow it got out into the community and that transmission chain is unknown at present. It seems the first person who got symptoms and got tested was quite early in the chain which makes things slightly easier to manage than it might have been. Small (or perhaps I should say ‘big’) mercies.

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  3. We don’t have too many restrictions here in Illinois, but I feel like that may change soon as the numbers seem to be going up again. I wish more people were willing to do what it takes to get this thing under control but when so many refuse to either get vaccinated or wear a mask, it’s hard to imagine an end to COVID.

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    1. I haven’t read much about Illinois but if people won’t do those basic things and Covid is present, especially the Delta variant, it’s going to be very bad news for a lot of people.

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  4. Liz, your restrictions seem much like those in Canberra. Masks indoor and out. 1 hour exercise. Stay home.
    I hope it works and prevents serious illness and death, and also to keep the virus out of cancer wards and other health care settings. We all know New Zealanders in those positions.

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    1. I think it’ll work as long as people get tested as soon as they’re aware of symptoms. At the moment we’re not sure how widespread it is. Hope Canberra makes good progress too!

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