Daring Daffodil

This continues my previous post Hint Of Spring. I mentioned then that I’d spotted a mature daffodil flower and asked Nigel to photograph it. The flower was down low among old grass stems so it took some effort on his part to get the shots. Photos taken 05 August by Nigel. Tapanui, West Otago, New Zealand.

Nigel (my OH) is a New Zealand landscape architect  website  |  blog

Daffodil Art

I’d also like to share some beautiful daffodil art by Auckland artist Celeste Sterling. She tweeted the following art this morning so I had time to get her permission before sharing it on my post this evening. Enjoy!

Nature print by Celeste Sterling, Twitter:  @celestesterling


With Celeste’s response came a second image, with this message:

Here is a pic of the whole artwork, nature printed with a combination of daffodils, erlicheer and other garden plants.


Further Information

Last paragraph from Celeste’s biography (at her blog) …

In 2009 she returned to Auckland to study painting and began a series of abstract paintings about climate change. The desire to incorporate ecological concerns in her work in a more direct way led to the development of the leaf paintings. These use a nature printing technique whereby foliage is painted and printed by hand onto surfaces. The artworks created by this process reflect a lifelong passion for the natural environment, botany and ecology.

It’s a privilege to introduce you to Celeste’s art and I’m so pleased she’s a fellow WordPress blogger! Celeste has a very beautiful blog at:  CELESTE STERLING

Text by Liz, first photos by Nigel, daffodil art by Celeste Sterling
Exploring Colour (2020)

5 thoughts on “Daring Daffodil

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  1. Not only is Nigel’s photo appealing, the artwork is, too. It looks remarkably like some of the 1950s fabrics that were turned into sundresses and such. Put it on cotton piqué, and I might be tempted to do some sewing.

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    1. Thank you Linda! I’m a bit vague now on what I read at Celeste’s blog/website but I think she has connected with a fabric maker so perhaps that *will* become reality 🙂


  2. I wonder if the old grass warms the soil a wee bit extra and encouraged the daffodil to bloom early. They are among my favorite spring flowers, so I really enjoyed Celeste’s creations. Am glad you get some early signs of spring.

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