Hint of Spring

A couple of days ago Nigel and I walked up the road together on a sunny, relatively warm winter afternoon and I was delighted to spot emerging daffodils. I didn’t have a camera but asked Nigel to get some shots. Soon after seeing the bud I also saw a mature flower but we’ll stay with the bud for this post.

Tapanui, West Otago, New Zealand. We were outside the same field where we photographed the colchicum and dahlia flowers in autumn.

Text by Liz, photos by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2020)

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  1. To me nothing says Spring more beautifully than a Daffodil. Nigel’s lovely photos hold the promise of a sweet Daffodil flower within its bud. “No matter what you ask of the Daffodil, it will still wait until Spring to bloom. From this I learned that we all open up when the time is right.” – Rudy Francisco. Thank-you!

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      1. Lovely to see. The anniversary of that day is still three weeks away. I forget, sometimes, that–even though it’s colder at your more-southern latitude–your elevation is still moderate, so it’s not as cold as one might think.

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        1. Also, they’re in a sweet spot where they get plenty of sun and are probably quite sheltered nestled in with long grass by a fenceline. Looks like there’s a few coming out in town now too. There were plenty of jonquils out in a garden across the street from us but they’re a bit earlier than daffodils anyway.

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  2. Even after a few years of enjoying blogs from ‘down under,’ I’m still taken by surprise by the opposite seasons now and then. I love seeing your spring photos, because it means a break in the heat’s on the horizon for us.

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