Fiordland, New Zealand

I recently found Samuel Bloch on Twitter – he’s been travelling in New Zealand and taking awesome photos. Samuel describes himself as a French birder and photographer. He has a WP blog  Eiwawar  which I follow. Today he published a particularly fine post with photos of scenery and birdlife that he encountered while travelling the Milford Road.

The first photo is of Lake Marian (3-hour walk); the second is Falls Creek (right by the highway). You’ll see mountains, rivers, waterfalls, rapids and also a selection of native birds including our Blue Duck (endemic to NZ, lives where there is fast-flowing water). He includes the Homer Tunnel and finishes at Milford Sound.

If you’re into beautiful New Zealand scenery and/or NZ birds then I’m 100% certain you’ll enjoy this post – you’re likely to want to explore his blog further!

Blog-post LINK:   The Road to Milford Sound – Part II   posted 03 Aug 2019

Twitter:   @Eiwawar

Blue duck. Taken by Samuel Bloch (one of the photos from his blog-post).

Posted by Liz; Exploring Colour (2019). Blue duck photo by Samuel Bloch.

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  1. That’s a cool image, Liz. Thanks for sharing it. I went to Samuel’s blog and liked it so much that I decided to subscribe to it. (The shots of New Zealand reinforce my desire to visit your beautiful country.)

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