Winter Now In Tapanui

Just reminding you northern hemisphere folks that it’s not sweltering hot everywhere in the world. I’m trying hard to ignore all the white stuff around our house that fell overnight. I love the snow up on the mountains, that’s beautiful. Not so keen on it lying all around our house! It fell overnight and we’re supposed to get more tonight 😦

Tapanui, West Otago, New Zealand

Photos of Snow from our Cottage in Tapanui

Taken this morning around 8.00am 04 Aug 2019.

From our front door looking east toward the Blue Mountains (Liz)


From our front door looking east toward the Blue Mountains (Nigel)


From our front door looking east toward the Blue Mountains (Nigel)


I opened the lounge window long enough to take this shot (Liz) – and this is a larger size so you can click on the photo to enlarge:


Text by Liz, photos by Liz and Nigel; Exploring Colour (2019)

47 thoughts on “Winter Now In Tapanui

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  1. All we got in Winton area was the world’s lightest possible dusting. (Didn’t stop enthusiastic kids with rakes from scratching together enough snow for the odd (little) snowman, though.)

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    1. Good to see the kids enjoying it! We drove through Moa Flat today and they’d obviously had plenty of snow but generally not Central Otago. Apparently Wanaka copped it too, but not Queenstown.


      1. Browns, between Winton and Gore, had a great useful snowfall. (I was in Invercargill yesterday looking at the SIT art display when a lady we know told us all about it.)

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    1. I wrote a reply and then the power went out before I sent it (1-2 hours ago). I’d just been telling you that with the heatpump going I’ve been fine and also I have the bed’s electric blanket on as backup. Well, that paid off. The power went off and I returned to bed for a while! The big bonus of living near the shops is Nigel was able go for a short walk and buy us hot meat pies to eat and we’d already had our pot of tea so no problem. But it’s still snowing outside, quite hard actually. I try to ignore it as best I can but there’s deep white all around.

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        1. Warm weather arrived once the storm had gone so much of the snow disappeared during the day. Quite weird how quickly things can change – whether for better or for worse.

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  2. After struggling to breathe all day, receiving no less than three “air quality alerts”, I am ready to hop on a plane and come visit you!!! I didn’t realize you were in NZ! Enjoy the snow … spring is right around the corner! 😊

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    1. I was shocked about the air quality alerts, and three.. oh dear! On the whole we take fresh air for granted in NZ although some built-up areas down south here have problems in winter with the burning of coal. I couldn’t find where you’re from and perhaps you may not wish to disclose anyway.

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      1. We have mostly taken fresh air, as well as fresh water, for granted, but these days … we’re beginning to realize just how precious those things are! I don’t list my location, as due to the content of my blog, every now and then I pick up a hater, and in fact had one a while back, a gun nut, who wished death upon me. But, I am located in the northern suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio.

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    1. The sort of snow you’re used to is, I imagine, way more serious than what we’d expect in Tapanui. It’s a good balance between extremes here I think – I just don’t want more white stuff lying around!

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  3. My goodness! I’d be happy just to drop below 90F! Actually, I should cherish our 90s — since the 100s are on the way. I grew up in snow and enjoyed it, but at this point in my life I’m happy to live with hot and visit cold. Beautiful photos, though.

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      1. Yep, I’m pretty good at burning the midnight oil these days! Especially when one of the cats has decided to come and keep me company! (DH is away on business, so I end up keeping odd hours!)

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            1. It’s surprising how often you are there, amazes me. Sometimes yes, the long wait. I’m used to it though.. not many WP bloggers down here so I’m usually chatting with the northern hemisphere folks!

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  4. Why Ms. Liz, this is what we New Englanders call a dusting of snow! Benjamin defines a snowfall by the sufficient amount needed to build a snowman. On these hot days of August, temperatures cool enough to bring that snow here would be welcome. Beautiful photos and the promise of more snow to photograph tomorrow or is it today now?! Thank-you!

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    1. We’re still in ‘today’ which is a nice bright day at present (11.45am) but we’re supposed to get more snow this afternoon. Our land is always prone to being wet so the less snow we get lying around the better. I’m looking forward to my favourite season Spring!


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