Bedroom Lightshade

The last occupants of our new home were artists and worked in stained glass and in pottery. The couple have gone into care and we’ve inherited some of their work. Our bedroom lightshade is one example. It sits beneath the light-bulb and therefore dims the light. Having always favoured brightly lit rooms I had no intention at all of keeping the shade.. but I grew fond of it and after adding our bedside lights I found I could cope with a dim bedroom! I feel an attachment to the hand-crafted things that came with the house.. they’re one-off items made with love by a creative couple.

So yesterday morning while lying in bed I thought I’d take a photo of the lightshade. I took quite a few but this was my favourite (which I took using the “Beauty” setting on my cellphone – it seems to even out the digital artifacts caused by the reflections on the ceiling).

Our bedroom lightshade taken by me from the pillow-end of the bed..


Nigel also took shots with his cellphone, lying on his back directly under the lightshade and shooting upwards. He tried many different settings – I selected these four images because the variations interested me and some made me think of lizard eyes (I like lizards by the way – “Ms. Liz” is actually a  Lizard  beautifully visualised by the incredibly talented Jodi McKinney and with Jodi’s permission I appropriated that name for myself).

Text by Liz, photos by Liz and Nigel; Exploring Colour (2019)

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  1. It’s a beautiful lightshade. (I love stained glass.) It’s really nice to have something that’s a part of the house’s history and the history of the people who lived there too.

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              1. It is – this is the home we hope to spend the rest of our lives in, so we have done more to it than our previous homes. Hope that you have very many happy years in your new home! 🙂

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