Colours: A Delight

If you're looking at this in Reader please click on the Title and read it on my blog instead (to ensure proper formatting). Thank you! Last night I came across a very beautiful colour poem written by Antara who is 10 years old !!! Antara had contributed the poem to her Mum's blog Colourfulcanvas.  Here... Continue Reading →


Celebrating Colour

Spontaneous sharing and celebration of colour. Enjoy! This photo is from the Mere Colours post published by Joanne Koo of Singapore yesterday on her blog Pot Gardening. She took this photo while at an exhibition called For Better Endings, New Beginnings, an art exhibition by Yellow Ribbon Project that was held at the Singapore Art... Continue Reading →

Four Seasons with Jodi

With Jodi's kind permission I'm sharing some of my favourite posts from her fantastic blog, of which you could say that I'm a devoted follower. If you enjoy beauty, art and inspiration (not to mention mouth-watering food recipes) then Jodi's blog simply has it all! I feel honoured that Jodi so generously allows me to... Continue Reading →

Beauty – An Open Heart

Guest Post By Karen at Bottlebrush Red Photography (Fine Art Flower Photography). What is Beauty and Where can you find it? To see beauty, to feel it, to breathe it and portray it In your Photography, you must have an open heart. [Click photo to read on]

Beauty Series | Colour Series

I've added "Series (Special Posts)" to the top menu on Exploring Colour Click on this to access quick links to:   The "Where and What is Beauty?" Posts AND all of the colour themed posts   Best Wishes, Liz Exploring Colour

Winged Visitation

These colourful butterflies just blew me away yesterday. I was stunned by the colour and creative artistry! And I didn't want to do my own post today because all I want to do is say "Hey, why don't you go and see these wonderful butterflies?" I'll guarantee that they'll brighten up your day! Sunset Silhouette... Continue Reading →

Garden Maples in Spring

During our Oct/Nov spring visits to Dunedin Botanic Garden I've taken photos of the beautiful maple foliage (Acer species) but only posted an occasional one. Thought I'd put together a selection for this post! Above: Clive Lister Garden, 05 Nov 2017 The following photos were taken in an upper garden area that has many maples,... Continue Reading →

Colours at Hereweka

We headed up the slope toward the house, leaving the wild side behind. New beauties captured my attention, mostly floral treasures that I'll share with you below. [Note: this post continues on from yesterday’s exploration of the wild side at Hereweka Gardens, Otago Peninsula, Dunedin, New Zealand. Garden visited Sunday 29 Oct 2017] I came... Continue Reading →

Propagation Facility: Flowers

On Sunday when we visited the Propagation Facility at Dunedin Botanic Garden, we found some blooming beautiful plants that I'm keen to share with you! NB: I'll note what plants I think they are but please treat this as opinion and not fact! Where I have the information from a plant tag I'll let you... Continue Reading →

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