Stars and Swirls

Today I’m taking you away
on a trip to Ireland
To stars, swirls and spirals,
Bright, colourful patterns,
Bits and pieces, bound
into magnificent MOSAIC     [ — Liz]

In January 2013, Maria with her partner Paul and their combined family of four children, were able to move into their own “small cottage built in 1924 with a bit of land”. Maria grew up in Sweden but moved to Ireland in 2004.

The blog-post below from 28 November, 2015 marked the completion of the big mosaic floor in the extension they’d added to their house.

“…the floor design is built around the elements, Air for the East, Fire for the South, Water for the West and Earth for the North. In the middle we have a star and slightly off centre a tree that all the elements originate from.”

NB: this is not a reblog. I’ve selected SOME photos and snippets of information from the original post, and also from Maria’s “About the author” Page.

— For more photos and information please visit via the links provided —

From:     When all the pieces come together – Mosaic

Blog Home:   thegreenerdream   |   Treading lightly, one step at a time.

When all the pieces come together…

Note: The page Building our sustainable home offers more photos of this beautiful space in its furnished state, and also of the conservatory the family built.






With Maria’s permission I’ve put this together in my own way using content from her original post and from her “About the author” page. — Liz, Exploring Colour (2018)

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  1. Hi Liz,

    thank you so much for putting this together. It is lot of fun to read the comments and see what people think about the mosaic floor. I get to meet some new bloggers in the process too…


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