Nicotiana sylvestris

These are eye-catching flowers and I'm always excited to find them! I took the photos yesterday at Dunedin Botanic Garden. While double-checking their name I found a very helpful info page from North Carolina State -Extension. The plant comes from Argentina; two common names are 'White Tobacco' and 'White Shooting Stars'. I hadn't heard of... Continue Reading →

Splendid Scooter

Approaching Gore Public Gardens yesterday on my way home I found this scooter parked near the gardens. I was captivated by its decorations, a scooter all decked out for Christmas. What a delight! Bow, baubles, tinsel and Christmas Tree. Gore, Southland, New Zealand. Taken by Liz 20 Dec 2018 MERRY CHRISTMAS AND BEST WISHES FOR... Continue Reading →

Stars and Swirls

Today I'm taking you away on a trip to Ireland To stars, swirls and spirals, Bright, colourful patterns, Bits and pieces, bound into magnificent MOSAIC     [ -- Liz] In January 2013, Maria with her partner Paul and their combined family of four children, were able to move into their own "small cottage built... Continue Reading →

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