Ready For Spring

Ready For Spring. Its been a cold, wet winter here in Gore, Southland, New Zealand. At long last we see the signs of spring and on Sunday 05 Aug I saw these beautiful crocuses emerging from dead leaves while visiting the public gardens in Invercargill. The title for this post was inspired by Tanja’s comment this morning saying “I think you and Nigel are ready for spring, Liz!” – and so we are! Tanja blogs at   **Click on photo to enlarge**

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  1. I know the feeling…..watching and waiting for any sign of spring. Love the picture. I always call it “life after death”……because winter is so long and dreary. Not to mention the wicked cold. 🙁😊

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  2. Lovely. I’m waiting for my crocuses to make an appearance, but I don’t even have any leaves yet. Patience, patience…

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    1. I’m amazed! I thought flowering for you would be ahead of anything that’s happening in the south of the south island here in NZ! Wonder if it has anything to do with your drought? We’ve had far more rain than I want but bulbs have been putting up their leaves everywhere down here. You’ve really surprised me!


      1. I have other bulbs appearing, so it’s a mystery. Maybe something ate the bulbs. Or it could be me planting them incorrectly- that’s always possible. My byline on my blog should really say, ‘still learning’!

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  3. oh those tiny little signs of hope!!!! We are in the dog days of summer here on this side of the world…. it never ceases to blow me away how we are experiencing the exact opposites 🙂

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    1. Hahaha, I laughed so much Jodi! Yes, I was so envious of that awesome dramatic sky photo you posted the other day. So beautiful! I feel like I haven’t seen blue sky for ages although when you see tonight’s post you’ll see there was an exception last Sunday… 🙂

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