Fortrose: Part One

Last Sunday I suggested to Nigel that we head down to Fortrose on the south coast, a 50-60 minute drive from Gore taking the country road through Wyndham, Glenham and Waimahaka. When we left Gore it was cold and foggy. To be honest we were glad to get out of the place. Stirling Tides cafe at Fortrose is always wonderful and has a fire so we knew we’d be ok. We couldn’t believe our luck when we reached Fortrose – it was absolutely perfect, a beautiful sunny day with no wind. We had a lovely long walk along the beach in the sunshine before returning to the car and driving to the cafe for lunch.

Fortrose, Southland, New Zealand

Fortrose: First Impressions

Our car is parked behind me and Nigel is already on the beach. Behind Nigel is Toetoes Estuary at the mouth of the Mataura River (very large river that also runs through Gore where we live). We’ve never seen Fortrose in such perfect conditions.

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Lots of driftwood gets deposited at the high-tide mark. If we’d walked in the direction shown below we would’ve soon reached the cafe. Instead we turned in the opposite direction for our walk.


The estuary lagoon was like a mill pond!


A rough boat ramp leads down into the estuary.


Turning now in the direction in which we’ll walk. What you can see in the distance is where the Toetoes Estuary opens to the sea at Toetoes Bay.


I’ve blogged about the beach near the cafe, see Out in the Country and by the Sea

To be continued…

Text and Photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2018)

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  1. What wonderful photos Liz- a perfect day. I love beaches with driftwood and rummaging through all the knotted and twisted shapes. We enjoyed the beach at Hokitika on a visit to NZ a few years ago for that reason.

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    1. Hi Carol. It was stunning! I haven’t done anything new about the cafe but that should have come up as a link you can follow to my old blog-post that showed the beach outside of the cafe and a shot or two of the cafe area itself – outside not inside.


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