I see… Indigo

Bringing together a collection of photos for this colour-themed post on Indigo proved to be pretty challenging but finally, here it is!

To see a larger, more detailed view of a particular image, follow the link to the original post (that is, the link after “From:”)

All images are used with permission. My grateful thanks to contributing photographers!

The first photo (immediately below) is outstanding – Blue Danube taken by Harold Davis. I’d particularly encourage you to view the large version. There is so much beautiful detail to appreciate in this stunning photo.


Blue Danube

Blue Danube taken by Harold Davis

“The Danube River meanders from central Europe down through Budapest, finally to end in a Black Sea delta in southeastern Romania. The photo […] shows the Danube at blue-hour-into-night looking towards the Chain Bridge and Hungarian Houses of Parliament as the river curves through central Budapest, Hungary.” – Harold Davis

From:   Blue Danube  |  Sept 10, 2017

Blog:     Harold Davis



Indigo Bunting (Passerina cyanea) taken by Mike Powell
McKee-Beshers Wildlife Management Area, Poolesville, Maryland, USA

“a first sighting for me of this beautiful bird” – Mike Powell

From:   Indigo Bunting and Monarch  |   Aug 6, 2017

Blog:     Mike Powell



Red-spotted Purple on Sedum (the red spots are on the underside of the wing) taken by Nick Hunter

From:   Continuous Bloom for Butterflies  |  August 31, 2017

Blog:     Nick’s Nature Pics



Photo taken by Michael Singleton Haworth (“Howie”)

“Giant’s Castle Reserve is in the middle of the crescent-shaped Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa. This range forms the eastern boundary of Lesotho. We spent a wonderful four days there in mid-winter in July.” – opening paragraph from Grandeur in the barrier of spears (link below)

From:   Grandeur in the barrier of spears  |  August 18, 2017

Blog:     Howie’s Wildlife Images


Slaty Skimmer dragonfly (male)

Slaty Skimmer (male). Libellula incesta. Taken Jul 9, 2017 by Walter Sanford
Dogue Creek, Wickford Park, Fairfax County, Virginia USA

“I nicknamed this dragonfly “The Blue Boy” because his rich blue-indigo color is reminiscent of an oil painting by Thomas Gainsborough.” – Walter Sanford

From:     The Blue Boy  |  Aug 6, 2017

Blog:       walter sandford’s photoblog

>>> Wikipedia: The Blue Boy oil painting by Thomas Gainsborough


The Blue Boy | oil on canvas | Thomas Gainsborough



Wasp on a yucca pod taken by Chris Helzer (Nebraska, USA)

From:    Photo of the Week – July 20, 2017

Blog:      The Prairie Ecologist


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Posted by Exploring Colour (2017). Photos used with permission.

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    1. Thank you for taking a look around my blog. I like to do these colour-themed posts from time to time and showcase a particular colour and its various manifestations, while at the same time providing a bit more exposure to some wonderful photos that photographers have managed to capture. I do hope that you’ll be back to view more posts in the future!


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