Learning Takes Time

“..people are more than one thing. Everybody is a mixed bag. With that starting point, I can imagine a very different community from the harsh, conflict-laden one we’re presently creating for ourselves.”

~Bishop Jake Owensby, 17-Sep-21/blog.

Bp Jake is fourth Bishop of the Episcopal Church in Western Louisiana and published author of 5 books.

A photo from the post, I find the colours irresistible 🙂

Jake generally shares a weekly essay at his blog and the 17-Sep-21 post was one I’d like to share a link to; the essay both encourages and challenges, ideal for these difficult times when our communities are under so much pressure.

> Learning to Get Life Right <
We’re all still learning. And learning takes time.

Posted by Liz; Exploring Colour (2021)

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    1. Tonight in a tweet I read about a young NZer who said she’d got her first Pfizer dose today and it was her first vax as her parents are anti-vaxers [she’s probably not going to let on to them she’s had it]. It was great she’d the courage to go ahead, and she’s really happy to have got it! Also underscores the importance of having some vax centres where folks can pop in without an appointment, she appreciated being able to do that.

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      1. I’m glad she thought for herself and went ahead with what she wanted rather than letting her parents put her off. We feel very lucky to have been able to get our vaccinations quickly – not something you can take for granted.

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        1. Yes, can’t take for granted. Our delays, from what I can make out, were due to waiting till Pfizer had been through our approval process (and perhaps on getting delivery – I’m not clear on details). But now it’s full steam ahead!

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