Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Sleepy dog lapping up the warm sunshine this afternoon; today was fine and sunny but nevertheless it was a very chilly winter day. We called into Forum Cafe in Milton on our way home from Dunedin. Our first visit – mainly because I was curious to see the mural paintings by Alice Muir aka Alice Muiral, Artist/Decorator/Illustrator. The lovely lady at the cafe was so kind and showed me more paintings out the back. I didn’t wish to take photos today, a rest day for me but the paintings really brightened up the cafe for staff and visitors alike. For the record the food was lovely!

When we left we found this dozy dog outside and Nigel took photos.
Milton, Clutha District, New Zealand

What better model for what I assume is a Swanndri dog cover? Swanndri are an iconic New Zealand outdoor clothing brand – About page info at their website.

Dog briefly glanced up when I talked but quickly resumed the ‘doze’ pose.

My shadow sneaking into the picture!

Text by Liz, photos by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2020)

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  1. That’s what we should all be doing on a sunny winters day, dozing in the sun. Hope you’re staying warm Liz, we’ve been seeing some stunning winter pictures of the deep south.

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    1. It’s been nice and fine for a change but the air outside is really chilling. Anywhere the sun doesn’t reach stays icy frozen (like the footpath on our side of the street). Looking at the farmland as we drive, all the south-facing slopes, shaded parts of fields and cold gullies stand out in their whiteness. The contrast is quite jarring!

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        1. Oh? It got warm(er) here last night and has remained so. No rain yet but black clouds were building up in both east/west y’day evening, and we got strong wind but it went away again. Scattered grey cloud right now. Hope the rain eases up for you soon, it’s miserable when it goes on and on. Hope you’re not suffering other stuff like leaks, floods, road access issues. I really hate getting *lots* of rain!

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  2. If you please would be so kind, I’ll have the “curried mince on sourdough with the poached egg popped on top”! Just one question…what is curried mince? I like all three photos and I find the shadows quite interesting. I was intrigued by the Swanndri dog coat on the sweet sleeping dog and had to visit the web site. After reading the about page, I scrolled to the bottom and came across “Our Range” and clicked onto accessories to find the dog coats. Once there I was enamored with the blue plaid Teddy Bear that has “Bit and Bobs” printed underneath. After clicking onto that I was so disappointed when the adorable bear was not listed! Just as well I suppose, the price was probably in the luxury range! Take care! Thank-you!

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    1. Minced meat usually cooked with a few sliced veg like onion and carrot, herbs/spices, and in this case I guess they add curry powder as well. I’m not keen on the taste of curry but I like plain mince with the normal herbs/spices.


  3. These are wonderful shots, Liz. I love the bright colors in this image, including the turquoise water bowl and the orange in the background. The dog is cool in its fancy jacket and I like the way that it is lying in front of the menu board. Compositionally, I like the middle shot best, in part because your shadow adds some visual interest and helps to balance out the frame.

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    1. Me too – I like that middle shot because it amuses me that the dog is taking absolutely no notice of what your shadow is getting up to. 🙂

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    2. Thanks! The first shot Nigel took had best detail so I cropped to the dog. The 2nd shot showed the cafe well and I only cropped a little. I couldn’t resist including the 3rd shot with my shadow creeping in alongside Nigel’s! Fortunately the dog had positioned itself well. It gave us a brief glance of exasperation, “Oh please.. the stuff I have to put up with” and was then supremely oblivious 🙂


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