Switzers Rd Cottage

Driving along Switzers Road I looked out my passenger window to see this rustic old stone cottage on the hillside below in a farm paddock. I wonder what tales those walls could tell? Is it an old shepherd’s hut, a farm worker’s hut, did a family ever live there? I’ll probably never know but it was a lovely surprise to see it!

This is the same road as the collie dog sculpture and the sheep by the Pomahaka River but earlier in the journey than those.

Photos taken by Nigel 14 July 2020.
Switzers Rd near Heriot, West Otago, New Zealand.

Click on ANY photo to enlarge

I watched as we drove around the curve of the hill and found another view-point where Nigel could pull over to get more photos of the cottage.

and a lovely panoramic view (click on the photo to enlarge)

fyisatellite view


Text by Liz, photos by Nigel except for the last. Exploring Colour (2020)

18 thoughts on “Switzers Rd Cottage

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  1. Nice catch, Liz, and great questions wondering about the structure. The satellite view is cool, too.

    Wonderful photos, Nigel, I like all those compositions and how they show off the rolling hills. The cottage seems almost insignificant in the widest view.

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  2. Looks like a lonely existence, but I like the way the tree seems to be embracing the old house, very nostalgic feel to these shots, and I agree with Jean Mackay, a painting waiting to happen.

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    1. It did feel like a peep into the past and also with no visible paths appeared lonely. In my imagination I see it as an old shepherd’s hut! In the afternoon sun it looked warm and inviting – made me feel like heading down the hill and sitting outside, just to keep it company for a while 🙂

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    1. Nigel had his Olympus Digital camera and a long lens and captured this lovely image. In this case I simply resized (but often I do more editing than that). We had beautiful afternoon sun and the lighting was real nice on the landscape!

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    1. It’d be lovely wouldn’t it? Perhaps I should have a try but I’m so amateur. If you feel inspired to do a painting please do.. how awesome that would be!!!


      1. This is my favourite of the photos. It looks as if the shrub has been deliberately shaped to embrace the cottage. And the light is lovely in these images. Bet there are indeed some interesting tales if only it could tell them!

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        1. The shrub is interesting. It’s unlikely the farmer clips whatever-it-is and just looking at the overall green/yellow foliage it reminds me of one species of our native muehlenbeckia and I can imagine it might develop a cushion form with nothing further to climb on. Without a closer look it’s hard to say what it is.

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