London planetrees

In my last post Ap-peeling Bark, Robert Parker mentioned “… it just reminded me of peeling the loose bark, from the London planetrees in front of my grandparents’ house.”

I love getting personal anecdotes in comment-responses so I thought I’d go with the flow and post some London planetree images from Alexandra in Central Otago, New Zealand where the town maintains quite a few of these trees in pollarded form, as street trees. This is the same town that has a sundial, a clock on the hill, and plenty of time thyme. In case you missed that post, it’s Time Distance and Love.

Photos taken by Nigel during various visits

London plane, London planetree, or hybrid plane is a Platanus hybrid

Click on any photo to enlarge

The first two photos were taken during our last visit, 22 March 2020

Next photo was taken 12 March 2017


and this was taken 02 May 2009


For us these trees are iconic of Alexandra, just like the clock on the hill.

Thanks for your mention of London planetrees Robert!

Text by Liz, photos by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2020)

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  1. Yes! That’s exactly the bark that fascinated us as kids. And I still like it’s rag quilt look.
    It’s been a great urban survivor, although it seems like the fungal attacks (Anthracnose?) have become worse, lots of leaves shed every summer when I’m visiting NYC, but I don’t know, and the trees seem able to shrug it off. The trees in my grandparents’ village were probably sixty years old and were huge. The upstate cities don’t seem to use them as much, but the woods, especially river bottoms, have the native sycamores.
    And thanks for posting these pictures, Liz!! 🙂

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