Pick Your Own: Corn Dog

From the Land Of Plenty where we pick ’em from the side of the road. Central Otago, New Zealand. Via Nigel 22 March 2020. bulrush, bullrush, cattail, cat tail. Click on photo to enlarge.

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  2. When I saw this post sitting amidst my inbox, I was sure that upon opening I would find the beloved Corn Dogs of my youthful past and present senior days. I was already salivating just reading the words! Whilst Cattails were always considered a wondrous find on our “Adventurings” by Benjamin and myself, it never once occurred to me that they do indeed resemble a corn dog. Now, I have an insatiable desire for the smell and taste of the very edible corn dog! Thank-you…I think!!

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    1. I’d like to try a ‘corn dog’, I think it would be nicer than our ‘hot dog’ which is just a sausage on a stick with ordinary batter over the sausage. By the way, I’ve quoted you in my latest post ‘Flowers are …’


    1. Just type “corn dog” in as a browser search and you’ll get all these foodie things in your search-results that look like surprisingly like this bullrush flower or cattail – whatever you call them in Ireland. We have hot dogs here in NZ but not corn dogs!!


    1. I’m not surprised that you’re surprised Robert, haha! Steve Gingold had looked at my recent bullrush (cattail) post just last night, and commented that the flower looks like a corn dog. I checked online and was amazed at the similarity! Just a few minutes later I was scanning through Nigel’s recent photos and this leaped out at me, so funny! I put it up straight away πŸ™‚ We have the ‘hot dogs’ but they’re a sausage with a batter coating. The corn dogs look more yummy!

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